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What Is Goodworks?

Goodworks – /ɡo͝od wərks/ – Noun: Acts of charity, kindness, or good will.

Goodworks was launched in 2018 to act as Groundworks’ corporate social responsibility program. Since the inception of Goodworks, we have given back to more than 100 organizations to help make a positive impact in our local communities across the nation.

What Makes Goodworks so Special?

Goodworks focuses on the human aspect of community service. While monetary donations are important, we focus on connecting the people to the cause! We all know that community service can make a huge impact on the lives of others, but it can also make a significant impact on those who do the volunteering. This is why our Goodworks initiatives encourage our Tribemates to jump in and actively get involved. This program creates opportunities for our Tribemates to see firsthand the impact they are making in their communities.

The Goodworks Community Chain

Our Recent Initiatives

At Goodworks, we are committed to making a positive impact in our community through a variety of initiatives. From organizing donation drives to hosting events and workshops, we are always finding new ways to give back. Explore our initiatives below and join us in making a difference!

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Are you an Groundworks employee that’s ready to make an impact in your community?

“Do your little bit of work,

where you are;

it’s those little bit of goods put together

that overwhelm the world”

– Desmond Tutu

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