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Groundworks stands apart by being dedicated to being better. We are driven in the pursuit of improvement – for our customers, for our employees, for their families.

Join our team!
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Jump Start Your Foundation Repair Career with Groundworks

Join a high energy, paradigm shifting, hyper-growth company!

We take pride in our exceptional growth—because it means that we’ve built our company and solutions on a rock-solid foundation. Every day, every employee has the opportunity to play an impactful role in changing an industry, setting a new standard, and delivering solutions that our customers love.

True to our values, we’ve done the right things from the beginning, setting the stage for an even brighter future.

Join us as we charge ahead!

Tribe Culture and Perks

Total Rewards

The term “benefits” doesn’t really do our employee benefits program justice. We provide medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid leave, 100% 401k matching contributions, performance-based bonuses, and limitless career mobility. And that’s just the beginning of some of the benefits you can expect at Groundworks.

Growth Mobility

Growth fuels opportunity. 90% of our leaders have been promoted. At Groundworks, taking your career to the next level is always an option. We hire like-minded individuals who encourage and empower each other to step into the next role and become better versions of themselves, personally and professionally. 


Our employees are plugged into an ecosystem of experienced, dedicated professionals. Around our company peers and mentors are at your side to help you succeed. From weekly company-wide video meetings to quarterly leadership trainings, tribe members have boundless career development opportunities. With our own employee magazine, team members stay up-to-date on what’s happening across the organization.

Team Players

We only win by winning together. We encourage and empower one another to achieve personal and professional growth. Our people are top performers with a wide array of professional and personal experience who are true team players. Our employees are driven, intelligent, diverse and interesting people who work well in teams and know how to have fun.

Healthy Balance

We work hard and reward hard work.  We encourage all of our members to be healthy, get time to give back, and have the financial resources and support they need. Uniquely, we offer classes on things like healthy eating and personal finances, provide gym reimbursement credits, access to onsite gym facilities, and offer CEO-led early morning workouts that allow employees to uncover their leadership potential while pursuing a healthier lifestyle.