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Reliable Basement Waterproofing in Nebraska

Waterproofing Solutions for Leaking Walls & Basement Flooding

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A leaking basement is all-too common in the Omaha area. This leads some homeowners to believe basements are always going to be musty and damp, but this isn’t the case. Your basement is the foundation of your home, and its stability is important for both structural integrity purposes and for those who live there.   

The team at Groundworks Omaha understands how frustrating it is to find water in your basement. When a basement floods, it ruins the usability of the space, and many of the stored items are damaged beyond repair.  

Groundworks Omaha offers a variety of proven basement waterproofing solutions. Omaha’s frequent precipitation, humid climate, and silt-loam soil combine to cause many of the issues homeowners face.    

Here are some of the most prominent basement waterproofing options your Groundworks Omaha inspector may recommend.   

Common Basement Waterproofing Solutions

BasementGutter side view outside

Interior Drainage

AquaStop BasementGutter™ is an interior French drain system installed on the inside perimeter of your basement. It collects groundwater, water entering from the walls, and water that seeps into the cove joint. This solution will prevent water from pooling and decrease excessive moisture in the air. 

Sump Pump

Sump pumps keep your basement dry during even the most severe storms. The pump is placed at the lowest point of your home and activates when water levels rise beyond a certain point. Water is then pumped out and away from the home through an exterior drainage pipe.  

Wall Liner

AquaStop WallSeal™ is a vapor barrier liner installed on the basement wall to lock out water and moisture. This 20-mil thick plastic barrier protects your home from water damage and gives your basement a clean look and feel.  

Technician installing dehumidifier hose in basement


A basement dehumidifier removes humidity from your home’s interior. It filters the air and maintains a clean environment to prevent future structural damage.   

Wet Basement Problems in Omaha  

Water will always find the path of least resistance, so even the smallest cracks in your home’s basement are cause for concern.

With Omaha’s high humidity levels, frequent rain, and snowstorms, combined with its proximity to the Missouri River– it’s no wonder Omaha homeowners deal with water management issues.    

Wall and floor leaks, leaking basement windows, and pooling water where the floor and wall meet are often the first signs of a problem. Because of the unique soil and climate, water issues usually result from one of two reasons – hydrostatic pressure or the clay bowl effect.

Hydrostatic pressure occurs when the soil around your home gets saturated with water. Wet soil becomes heavy, and this added weight puts pressure on the foundation walls. As the hydrostatic pressure builds, water seeks any entry point available. Entering through cracks in the walls or floor, through basement windows, or even directly through the porous concrete. Block foundation walls typically leak first because water fills the open cavities until it can no longer hold additional water. The most common area for homeowners to notice water entering is through the wall-floor joint. When your home was constructed, often a small space between the footer and the poured floor remains. Ground water creates pressure and water can find its way through this small opening and into your basement.

When your home was constructed, contractors dug a hole slightly larger than your foundation to make room for your basement and foundation. After the foundation was assembled, and the concrete floor poured, the initial excavated soil was used to fill the gap surrounding the foundation.   

This excavated soil, or ‘backfill soil’ is loose and fluffy as a result of being excavated as compared to untouched ‘virgin soil’ that has been compacted and settling for hundreds of years.   

This means the soil directly surrounding the foundation of your home is looser and absorbs more water than the hard-packed soil surrounding it.   

This forms a ‘clay bowl’ or artificial water table around your home, collecting more water than other areas. Unfortunately, this is right where you don’t want it to be, directly against the foundation of your home.   

Regardless of the reason for your water issues, once you notice a water leak in your home it will only get worse with time.  The waterproofing experts at Groundworks Omaha have solutions for all types of water intrusion issues and offer a free inspection for your basement.   


Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Omaha

Interior Drainage 3D

Interior Drainage: French Drain

AquaStop BasementGutter™is a type of French drain installed at the perimeter of your basement. This durable drain won’t clog because it sits on top of the footer, out of the mud zone, and away from soil and roots. Other drainage systems are prone to failure because debris and soil mix with water and cause backups after awhile. Since the AquaStop BasementGutter™ doesn’t sit in the mud, it allows for a smooth flow of water out of your basement.

Made of strong, durable material, it is designed to collect water found at the floor-wall joint and from leaking walls or pipes. Once installed the drain sits on a bed of stone and the floor is restored. Only a small lip remains, and basement finishing can begin if desired.

Sump Pump in Basement 3D

Basement Sump Pump

basement sump pump works with an interior drainage system to create a dry basement. Water collected from AquaStop BasementGutter™ is directed to a sump pump where it is pumped out and away from the home. Groundworks Omaha offers a complete lineup of sump pumps to meet your waterproofing needs, but the AquaStop Basement Triple Sump Pump provides the ultimate protection. Featuring three pumps, it automatically adjusts to meet your waterproofing needs.

Pump one, or the primary pump, is a heavy-duty 1/3 horsepower (HP) cast-iron pump that does most of the daily work.

Pump two is a 1/2 HP pump that automatically operates when either pump one fails or simply cannot keep up with the volume of water.

Pump three is a battery-operated pump that kicks on automatically in the event of a power outage.

Our superior solution sump pump includes an airtight lid making it quieter than the big box store units and stops debris from entering the pit.

Vapor Barrier Wall Liner

AquaStop WallSeal™ vapor barrier is a high-quality liner that acts as a barrier between your home and the outside. Water vapor can pass through basement walls and contribute to high humidity levels and mold in the basement, even when the best waterproofing system is installed.  The 20-mil thick liner is installed onto the walls and helps direct water to the interior drainage system. This waterproof, mold-resistant, puncture, and tear-resistant liner ensures you get the best protection possible for decades to come.

Used alone WallSeal™ creates a bright white, clean finish, but it can also be used in conjunction with basement finishing to protect your investment.

Dehumidifier with GW logo

Basement Dehumidifier

In Omaha where humidity during the summer averages around 70 percent, installing a basement dehumidifier is a preventative way to control the humidity levels in your home. Groundworks Omaha recommends the energy-efficient AquaStop™ Air System. The unit is small in size but powerful enough to tackle high humidity levels and keep your basement mold-free.

With hundreds of options to choose from, it’s important to take capacity and airflow into consideration. The AquaStop™ Air System can remove 100 pints per day and filters up to 280 cubic feet of dry air per minute. The unit is self-draining, so water collected is automatically drained into a sump pump pit and pumped away from your home. Complete with a powerful motor, filtered air is circulated, making your whole home drier and healthier.

Foundation Waterproofing Solutions for Omaha’s Basements  

Imagine your current damp, leaking basement is transformed into a clean, dry living space to be used for anything from entertaining to storage! Contacting the Groundworks Omaha team and scheduling a free inspection is the first step.   

Our basement waterproofing solutions come with long-term warranties and are customizable for your unique needs. Contact Groundworks Omaha for a free inspection and waterproofing quote today. 

Groundworks, the nation’s leading foundations solutions company, provides award winning residential foundation and water management solutions including, foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair and encapsulation, plumbing, gutters installation, and concrete lifting services.  Since inception, our combined brands have helped nearly 1.5 million homeowners protect and repair their most valuable asset, their home.  

Our experienced Omaha-based local team offers homeowners in Eastern Nebraska and the surrounding region proven residential foundation and water management solutions, delivered with superior customer service, national warranties, and trusted local support. 

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