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Kickoff 2024 FAQs


It is being held January 26-28, 2024, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

The final list will be sent on December 15. There will be no changes permitted to the attendee list after this date.

Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis, but there may be costs incurred by the employee if they register but do not attend.

No. This is an unpaid, voluntary event.

No, all Groundworks branch locations will be closed during the Kickoff event. 

Yes, an employee can use up to eight hours of PTO for each day that they would have otherwise worked.

Employees from branches that will be flying will book flights during the registration process through our travel firm. Employees from branches within six hours drive time of Groundworks Headquarters will be on scheduled charter buses except for Virginia Beach employees who will be responsible for their own transportation.

You are responsible for your own travel arrangements to the airport from your hometown. However, when you arrive in Virginia Beach, there will be shuttle buses that take you to/from the airport.

Registration and all events will be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center (VBCC). Depending on your arrival time, you may be able to check in to your oceanfront hotel prior to going to the VBCC for registration. All employees attending Kickoff are required to check in at registration and collect their swag bag on Friday, January 26 between 4:00pm – 7:30pm.

Employees can drive personal vehicles at their own expense. Groundworks will not reimburse for personal transportation.

The hotels will have complimentary parking onsite or nearby garages. The Virginia Beach Convention Center has plenty of parking at no charge as well.

No. This event is for Groundworks employees only.

Branch Leadership – GMs, PMs, SMs and OMs – should work as a team to make sure all employees understand where and when they need to be for travel to get to the Kickoff event. We suggest Leadership assigns group leaders to guide regarding all logistics, such as Sales Managers guiding sales staff, Production Managers and General Managers guiding production staff, and Office Managers guiding administration support staff.

All employees are expected to treat the entire trip as a professional work event. All government laws and corporate policies should still be upheld by all employees and their guests.

An employee will be asked to leave and must handle their own transportation back home. Disciplinary action will be handled at the branch level, up to and including termination of employment.

The employee is responsible for payment. All company provided and paid-for rooms are double occupancy. If you requested an upgraded “buy out” private room, you will be required to pay your room charges at time of registration.

The only events where alcohol consumption is permitted is at the Saturday night Awards Celebration. Absolutely no drinking is permitted during the daytime training. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed during company events, and we ask all employees to drink responsibly.

Buses will be traveling back and forth to the Convention Center Friday and Saturday, so there is no reason to drive.

Yes. You can reserve a room at one of our designated hotels under the Groundworks group rate. Employees will be responsible for paying for their own room charges. Rooms will need to be booked during the registration process, based on availability. 

Yes. If you and your teammates would like to go to a restaurant on the boardwalk or oceanfront Friday night after registering, that is allowed. All meals and dinners outside of the company provided meals are to be paid for by employees. No company credit cards should be used to purchase food and drinks during the trip, as meals are provided. 

Yes. Please indicate your preference when you register. The choices are vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, gluten free or other.

Plenty of food and beverages will be provided, but you are always welcome to bring additional food at your own expense.

Friday – please dress comfortably, no dress restrictions. Headshots will be taken on Friday and Saturday and Company branding is always preferred.
Saturday morning workout – Please dress warmly and in athletic attire. Workout will be outdoors on the beach.
Saturday during day – Please wear your provided Kickoff t-shirt and comfortable clothes for moving, walking, and sitting.
Saturday night – Business casual or T-shirts are allowed; however, many employees will dress business formal. It’s a party! Dress to have fun, but remember if you get an award, you will have your picture taken.

No. All employees are welcome, but those that attend must sign a waiver prior to workout.