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What’s Trending: Staycations or Vacations?

Lady with dog on vacation

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the United States last year, lots of people’s travel plans were canceled, postponed, or rescheduled. This year, things are starting to open back up and vacation plans are seemingly back on track for the summer. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is willing to travel just yet. 

So what are people doing this summer? Of the 1,019 people from across the United States that we surveyed, the majority are planning to go on vacation this year. The rest either have no summer plans or are planning a staycation, which could mean doing summer activities close to home. 

Mid-Pandemic Travel Survey

From the survey conducted about this summer’s vacation plans, we learned that almost 80 percent of people had plans last summer that were either canceled or rescheduled. Because of this, instead of traveling, it was found that people were planning to spend money on home repairs and other investments last year. This year, people are more willing to travel and vacation plans are starting back up again for the summer. 

Whether it’s going to the beach, visiting a national park, or reuniting with long-distance friends, it seems like more people are doing summer activities this year compared to last. However, not everyone is ready to travel quite yet. Our survey shows that 37 percent of people are moderately worried about traveling during the pandemic, while 25 percent are very worried. The rest are either somewhat worried or not worried at all. 

Staycation or vacation during pandemic survey results

Are People Worried About Traveling During the Pandemic?

  • Very worried: 25%
  • Moderately worried: 37%
  • Somewhat worried: 25%
  • Not worried at all: 13%

While the majority of people are still quite worried about traveling during the pandemic, some are easing up and feeling more comfortable. However, even if people are traveling, it seems like vacationers are sticking close to home this summer. According to our survey, most people are planning to travel close to home, while another large percent are only traveling a few states away from home. Very few are traveling across the United States or to another country for vacation this summer.

Where Are People Traveling This Year?

Regardless of whether people are worried about traveling or not, there are still vacations being planned for this summer. But where are they going, and what activities do vacationers have planned? 

Most people’s travel plans are looking much different this year than they did last year. With pandemic restrictions starting to loosen, more vacation options are opening up. For example, some of the most popular vacation activities that we found from our survey include going to the beach, visiting national parks, and seeing new towns or cities. 

Those who opted for a staycation this summer seem to have similar plans to those that are vacationing. According to our survey, the majority of people planning staycations reported scheduling summer activities that are close to home. 

Since it’s summer, it’s no surprise that people are planning fun activities to get out of the house. Most people reported that they plan to go swimming, while others plan to do activities such as hiking or camping near home. 

How Are Travel Plans Different Than Last Year?

Because of the pandemic, nearly 80 percent of people who took our survey had a trip or vacation planned within the past year that was either canceled, rescheduled, or postponed. This year, people are undoubtedly having similar issues and concerns. 

Of those who took our survey, around 50 percent of people’s plans are different this year due to lingering pandemic concerns and restrictions. Other reasons for a change of this year’s vacation plans include either a lack of money due to the pandemic or more money to spend due to the pandemic.

While comparing this year’s plans to those of a typical summer, we found that 63 percent of people sometimes travel during the summer, while another 27 percent always travel during the summer. The remaining 10 percent rarely travel or never plan a vacation for summer. 

Do People Plan To Travel More?

It’s safe to say that most pandemic restrictions are loosening and things are at least beginning to go back to normal again when it comes to traveling and visiting new places. Does this mean people are more likely to travel now?

We found that 58 percent of people are planning to travel more now that pandemic restrictions are slowly being lifted. The rest don’t plan to travel more or plan to travel the same amount they typically do. 

Staycation vs vacation pandemic restrictions

With Pandemic Restrictions Loosening, Do You Plan To Travel More?

  • Yes: 58%
  • No: 20%
  • The same: 22%

Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Whether you are planning a vacation or staycation, you should check the overall well-being of your home before leaving to avoid coming back to severe damages. If you come home to issues within your property, it’s important to fill out an insurance claim immediately to see if the damages will be covered.

Preparing your home starts with basement waterproofing. Interior drainage systems, sump pumps, and dehumidifiers are all great ways to combat moisture in your basement. These waterproofing options should be installed before leaving your home for an extended period of time.

Make sure to check your home’s foundation, basement, or crawl space regularly for any dampness or moisture to avoid any irreparable damages that may arise. To help protect your home from any weather, contact the waterproofing experts at Groundworks