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Foundation Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your home's foundation, basement, crawl space, and concrete in excellent condition. Groundworks offers a worry-free annual maintenance program to ensure your systems are functioning at peak performance year-round. Discover the benefits of our program and schedule your appointment today.

Groundworks experts assessing a foundation.

Foundation Maintenance Checklist

  • Save Time & Money 
  • Avoid Emergency Services 
  • Priority Scheduling for ALL Appointments 
  • Protection of Your Investment 
  • Ultimate Comfort & Security 
  • Hassle-Free Work 

Regular Maintenance for Long-Term Dependability

Just like your car, your home’s foundation and its systems require regular upkeep and attention to ensure they remain in top condition. Groundworks’ permanent repair solutions come with long-term warranties, but proper maintenance is still necessary to avoid emergency service and to extend the life of your mechanical products, such as a sump pump or dehumidifier. 

With the annual service plan from Groundworks, our service technicians will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the work we installed, clean all necessary pieces, and make any adjustments or repairs needed to keep your system running at peak performance. Plus, you’ll receive priority scheduling for additional maintenance, service, or new installation appointments, saving you time and hassle during the busiest months of the year. 

Our service technicians will leave you with a full report of the work performed, any parts cleaned or replaced, an overview of how your system is performing, and recommendations for additional services. If any additional work is required, our technicians can install it right away, eliminating future appointments and saving you time off work. 

Performing preventative maintenance reduces the risk of requiring emergency service, but if an issue does arise, your priority scheduling status means we will address it quickly. 

Benefits of Following the Foundation Maintenance Checklist

Our homes’ foundations are subjected to a lot, from spring and summer rains to heavy snowfall in the winter. To ensure your foundation remains in top condition, we’ve compiled a comprehensive maintenance checklist for homeowners. 

Foundation Checklist

Foundation Piering Checklist

  • Verify Stabilization Benchmarks  
  • Inspect & Evaluate Foundation Structural Integrity

Wall Stabilization Checklist

  • Tighten Wall Anchors & IntelliBraces™  
  • Re-Seal Plates if Needed  
  • Remove Excess Wall Anchor Rod  
  • Benchmark Walls  
  • Inspect & Evaluate Foundation Structural Integrity 

Basement Waterproofing Checklist

  • Clean Sump Pump 
  • Replace Check Valve 
  • Test Sump Pump Operations 
  • Test Perimeter Drain System 
  • Change Alarm Batteries 
  • Inspect Discharge Line 
  • Evaluate Basement 
  • Inspect Dehumidifier & Change Filter 

Crawl Space Encapsulation Checklist

  • Inspect Liner, Seals & Seams 
  • Check Humidity Levels 
  • Clean Sump Pump 
  • Replace Sump Pump Check Valve 
  • Test Sump Pump Operations 
  • Change Alarm Batteries 
  • Inspect Dehumidifier & Change Filter 

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Skipping annual maintenance on your home’s foundation, basement, or crawl space products can lead to decreased product lifespan and increased likelihood of emergency repairs. Depending on the products installed and the needs of your home, maintenance visits may be required every 6 months to a year. Be sure to follow your service technician’s recommendations regarding when to schedule your next maintenance appointment. 

If you neglect maintenance on products such as an interior basement drain and sump pump, you run the risk of decreased product lifespan and increased likelihood of emergency repairs. Groundworks service technicians can best advise when to flush the sump pump and the interior drain to ensure they are functioning at their peak level. If your home is struggling with iron ochre, a bacteria that creates thick, rust-colored gunk, your system needs extra maintenance. Neglecting regular maintenance can cause clogs and extra work for your sump pump, specifically the sump switch, resulting in a higher failure rate. 

If your home has foundation products such as wall anchors, failing to maintain them correctly can increase the long-term cost of ownership and result in missing out on additional wall movement that could be achieved with proper maintenance and tightening. Groundworks service technicians can advise when to tighten the rods to see the most movement possible, with the eventual goal of returning the wall to its original position. If not maintained, your wall will still be stable, but you are losing valuable space since the wall is bowing inward. 

Schedule Your Annual Maintenance Appointment

Regular maintenance increases the dependability of your products and avoids emergency calls. Groundworks’ service team is here to help, offering programs that best fit you and your home’s needs. Our service technicians aren’t salesmen, they are here to help you and your system run smoothly. 

Our service team is happy to discuss any questions you have concerning products or the worry-free maintenance program. Contact us today and schedule your annual maintenance appointment. 

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