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Six Senior Friendly Steps to Prep for Summer Storms 

Learn steps to help prepare for summer storms, so you're not left with a flooded basement or crawl space and ruined belongings.  

Your house is constantly trying to tell you a story. The trick, however, is prioritizing them properly. When it comes to preparing for summer rain and storms, these items should be moved to the top of the list, especially if you want to prevent pests from taking up residence in your home.   

Flooding impacts thousands of homeowners every year and causes nearly $3.8 billion in damage. Flood cleanup is stressful, back-breaking work, and can be hazardous, especially for those 65 and older who may have underlying respiratory health issues.

Preventing Costly Water Damage

We’ve determined six preventative tips to help keep your basement or crawl space dry and usable. While some projects can be done in a weekend with, perhaps, a little help from adult children, some need to be left to the professionals.  

Raise Belongings from Floor

One of the simplest things to ensure damage is less impactful is to ensure all personal belongings are elevated off the floor. Although this sounds like an easy task, the job can be more than a headache when basements are commonly a dumping ground for all things unused. Consider installing high-quality shelving units made of either plastic or metal rather than wood which can mold easily when wet.   

It’s best to keep important documents, like wills and passports, elsewhere in the house, but if not- consider storing them in a waterproof, fireproof box.

Gutter & Downspout Maintenance

Ensuring your gutters and downspouts function properly during heavy summer storms can go a long way to keeping your basement dry.   

Although it takes only a couple of hours to clean your gutters and downspout extensions fully, cleaning does involve climbing high ladders many times. Consider hiring a professional or asking for help from adult children to alleviate any risk of falling. Products like gutter protection can also eliminate the need for potentially dangerous ladder climbs.  

Additionally, make sure your gutters are large enough to handle the water coming from your roof. Depending on roof pitch and other factors, a larger 6-inch gutter on specific areas of your home may work better to guarantee water won’t spill over the side.

Installing a Waterproofing System

The only way to keep your basement dry permanently is by installing a waterproofing system like an interior drain and sump pump. Both products address the water where it enters and safely pump it out and away from your home before it causes damage. This is the best option for homeowners who invest in basement finishing or use the basement as a living space.   

This project should always be left to the local experts who are familiar with your area’s unique soil conditions and climate. Waterproofing is a pretty big job and, if done incorrectly, can lead to more damage than good.

Outside Clean Up

In addition to making sure your gutters are clean, it’s also a good idea to clean up yard debris like fallen leaves and broken tree branches. Be sure to check any outdoor drainage systems for clogs and clean the system with a power washer to remove built-up grime.   

If you notice bare patches of dirt in your yard or areas that look like water has caused erosion, consider adding water-loving plants and reseeding any bare grass areas.

Landscaping Changes

In addition to patching grass and adding plants, take a moment to look at the slope of your yard. Water should run away, not towards your home’s foundation. Having a landscaping company add well-compacted dirt around your home’s foundation should help water flow away and cause less damage to the foundation.

Sump Pump Technology

Your waterproofed basement is only as good as the sump pump tasked with pumping the water out. If you choose to use a builder’s grade or big box store unit, you may be playing with fire. Typically, consumer sump pumps aren’t rated to remove the amounts needed in a large rainstorm.   

Consider a pump with more than one pump to work together during heavy rain events and in case of a pump failure. A battery backup pump, which remains fully charged, is a great option for storms that knock out power.   

Thanks to technology, your sump pump can keep you informed regarding pump health and if your backup power pump has been activated. So, even if you spend the winters somewhere warm, you can be sure your basement or crawl space is protected.

Groundworks Helps Seniors with Home Repairs 

Groundworks is your local foundation repair company with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time. With years of experience working in your area, we truly are the experts. Our dependable team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and treating your home like our own. You’ll never be left with clean up after an installation, and our friendly staff is always here to answer any questions you may have before, after, or during a project.   

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