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Vance Smith

April 27, 2022

Let me start by acknowledging the installation crew, specifically Augustine and his two sons. They came to my house, explained the process the carefully and masterfully installed the piers. They took care in limiting any additional damage and kept my place clean. This crew was phenomenal! The excellent work continued the next day when Tyler Jackson and his assistant came and pumped in the polyurethane. Tyler was so knowledgeable, he explained the process, gave me an estimated time of completion, and made recommendations for other work offered by JES. Like Augustine and his crew, Tyler and his assistant took great pride in their work and make sure the work was done right the first time. I love the fact that all work done by JES is done by its’ own professionals, no outside contractors like other foundation companies. In addition, they have the best warranty in town and honestly that is what sold me. Really happy with my selection of JES to do this repair work. However, there was this one area of the process that really needs to be addressed. After a bad first experience with JES back in 2017 or 18 I decided to call them anyway for a comparison to other companies to do the fore mention work. Christian C came by to inspect my home. Christian did a thorough inspection. A few days later I called Christian to schedule work for March 28 and 29 of this year, this was in January 2022. I originally had to work on the scheduled installation date and didn’t think I would be able to get off for the install. I called Christian to see if it could be change but availability was only open for later in the year and I didn’t want to wait that long, so I kept the original appoints. I wasn’t sure how to prep the home for the install, so I called Christian again, he told me that all I need to do was move any furniture away from the install areas. So, the weekend prior to the install my wife and I did just that. We moved a lot of things into the garage and was living with bare home amenities for a few days. Install day, my wife and I take off for work. Wake up early waiting for the installers to come. Was expecting them around 8:00 – 8:30, but no one showed. An hour passed, still a no show. I took a nap, woke up early afternoon, still no installers. Seven hours later, I text Christian for an ETA for the installers. An hour and a half after that text, I get a call from what I believe to be the project manager. I didn’t get his name, but he immediately started the conversation by apologizing to me for the no-show. He goes on to explain to me that the city of Hampton had not approved the work permit yet and they could not do the work. My question of course was, “why didn’t someone just call?” He really couldn’t give me an answer. He took full responsibility for the failure, but I and my wife were a full day pay from missing work. I was not happy. I called Christian and explained the situation and ask for a $1500 discount because that was about how much money I we were us of for a day’s work. Christian said he understands and would take it up with his boss and get back with me in a few days. A few days pass and nothing heard, so I called. Christian and he hadn’t heard anything. A few days later I received a new proposal for the work with a $500 discount, about $1000 less of what I was asking but I didn’t push the issue because at this point, I just wanted to get the work done. I told Christian not to schedule me for work until the permit was approved by the city. A few days later, it was, and we schedule the work for two weeks after that. This mess up was costly to me but I’m glad JES attempted to make it right. However, the work done by the installation teams made up for this mishap but still the ball was dropped. At the end of the day, I’m sure this does not happen often. JES seems to learn from their mistakes and that is why they are the best in this business. Quality of work – 5 stars; Warranty – 5 Stars; Communication – 2 stars; Follow-up after work: 4 stars. I would recommend JES for your foundation repair.

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