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February 3, 2021

In January 2021, I contacted JES Foundation Repair company to set up an inspection and job quote. Certified Field Inspector Samuel Hunter responded and provided a professional and timely inspection. He subsequently sat down with my mother and me, informed us of what his inspection revealed, the type of work/repair required and provided a detailed project drawing and photographs. He was so persuasive that my mother cancelled an upcoming scheduled appointment with a competitor and promptly signed up with JES. On February 1, 2021, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, the JES Foundation Repair company commenced a crawl space repair of our home. They were punctual and reliable, which I appreciated. The crew, which consisted of Project Manager (PM) Josh Robinson, and staff, Chris Barefoot, Chris Bowles, and Junior Harvey, was awesome. They were experienced, professional, polite and yet engaging personnel who were focused and intent upon successful completion of the job in a timely manner. They methodically worked yet took the time to informed us of the status of the job, and to ascertain whether there were any questions and/or concerns. Upon completion of the job, PM Robinson and Chris Barefoot met with us and delivered a detailed description of the repair as we reviewed photos, and other documentation of the repair job and were given yet another opportunity to ask questions and/or voice concerns. Additionally, we discussed adding an additional service contract and yet didn’t feel pressured to immediately add this. Based upon our experience, I would highly recommend JES to any customers seeking crawl space and/or other necessary repairs. The aforementioned crew did a fantastic job. Amanda L.

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