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Mark Hammitt

August 12, 2022

I was referred to AFS by HC Blake when I asked the latter about a very damp interior wall. James Carey came out, who spent a lot of time figuring out the configuration of the foundation, and recommended what to me seemed like a sensible course of action. Notably, he didn't recommend addressing the full length of the retaining wall given the structural disruption (removal of stairs) that would have had to occur, but just the 20 feet or so that was showing the most obvious signs of water penetration. The crew that performed the work was led by Chase Murphy who is a basement specialist. He, along with Blaise Slydel and Gabriel Dullea, started at 9:15 am and ended at about 8:15 pm. Long day, but they jackhammered out a drainage channel, installed a new sump pump and battery backup, put up sheeting that will allow accumulated moisture to cascade down to the channel, put in PVC that goes out to a pop up drain, and reapplying concrete over the channel (in the photo, the dark part is the fresh concrete; it should lighten when it fully cures). The end result looks great, both inside and out. Haven't yet seen it perform, but I'm optimistic that it will function properly and, if not, that they will be available to correct anything. All in all, a very professional bunch, with excellent workmanship at a reasonable cost. After a few months, I had some issues with the placement of the drainage exit, and Chris was able to come out and fix it. Seems like a good guy who does good work. James Cary, too, stays right on top of things.

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