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Ryan Mastrolia

December 9, 2021

We bought a new property recently with a 5 car detached garage that I plan to do quite a bit of automotive and other shop work in and am currently improving. While the actual interior foundation is in pretty good condition aside from some minor cracking, the garage apron is a different story. We had a couple other companies come by for an estimate, take a quick look and ultimately said nothing can be done aside from fully replacing the slabs AND apron (even though they are separate). Mike F came by and not only did he try to understand what I plan to use the garage for, but what my needs and desires for future improvements and working conditions are. He was able to identify voids under the foundation which does not require actual lifting/leveling, but still warrants some poly injection to help fill the voids and stabilize the sub-base, knowing I plan to load it up with heavy auto equipment and cars. He also was the first to say BQ Basements are willing to try lifting the cracked up apron pieces carefully and if it does not work out will give a partial refund. I plan to epoxy the floor afterwards so aesthetics is not so much of an issue for me as a stable foundation and mitigated water run out and drainage issues. They also guarantee their work with a 10 year warranty and will not just run off if the lifting does not work out like some of the other estimates we had said. I literally had one guy (not BQ Basements affiliated) say they could come try but if it starts making things worse they'll stop and leave and will not give any refund... absurd. Mike was also very friendly and accommodating and did not at all seem to be in a rush to make a quick sale and jet - he took his time assessing the situation to work with what we want/need. That said, we have not yet had the work done but we are on the schedule and looking forward to getting the foundation base safe and stable, and addressing the sunken apron which is allowing water to run underneath the slab. BQ Basements is the first of a few companies that are actually willing to attempt addressing the issues along with a 10 year warranty on their work. If you need concrete lifting/leveling, I recommend to do your own research as well, but give BQ Basements a call and have Mike come take a thorough look at your situation.

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