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Charles Bottinelli (charlie)

May 14, 2022

What a great experience to see professionals remedy a situation which has lasted for 17 years! Groundworks sent Christian and Casey to raise our concrete porch steps, which have become a hazard to me (I'm 79 years old.) and for our older family members. The first step was a killer or, at least, something to send the unsuspecting to the hospital to treat a bad fall! It had sunk to 16 inches below porch level! The sidewalk leading from the front porch to the driveway was twisted and buckled and, as such, presented a tripping hazard, if the fall didn't kill you. Additionally, the west-facing sidewalk adjacent to our garage was tilted at such a dangerously steep angle that, in the winter when coated with ice and snow, presented a sliding hazard that would eventually, if unrepaired, certainly put one of us old timers in the hospital, or worse. Needless worries now. Groundworks had sent Sam out to facilitate the free evaluation/estimate back in November. It was agreed that we would have the work done in May, weather permitting. Well, weather permitted, and the work was completed by Christian and Casey on May 13th in about 3 1/2 hours this morning. Christian and Casey are a great team as they worked to correct a dangerous situation. They cheerfully answered my many questions and explained each step in the procedure. I watched as the concrete slabs lifted and fell into flush positions with their adjacent blocks. The technology is great; however, it takes dedicated employees to ensure that the customer is satisfied. My wife, Roseanna, and I marveled at the precise and beautiful workmanship and dedication of these two employees. Christian and Casey deserve recognition from management for a job well done. We have no reason to believe that the quality of work both men exhibited today isn't exhibited at every job to which they are assigned. Not only that, but their diligence and professionalism also attracted the attention of my next-door neighbor, who asked Christian for an impromptu glance at his concrete problems. Kudos to Christian and Casey for a job very well done. Both are an asset to your newly merged company. Sincerely, Dr. Charles Bottinelli and Roseanna Bottinelli May 13, 2022

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