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Concrete Lifting in Grand Junction

Get expert concrete slab lifting using polyurethane foam from Groundworks Grand Junction.

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Grand Junction Concrete Lifting Repair

Do your driveway or patio slabs seem to be sinking into the ground? Maybe your sidewalk looks uneven? If you notice any of these signs, there is a good chance you may need concrete leveling or repair at your Grand Junction home. 

Living in the Grand Junction area, sloping or uneven concrete slabs surrounding your home is nothing new. The area’s bentonite soil and dry climate combine to give homeowners the most trouble with their slabs. 

The good news, Groundworks Grand Junction has been repairing exterior concrete slabs in the area since 2005. They have established themselves as experts during that time, offering polyurethane foam injections to gently lift slabs back to their original position. 

From driveways to pool decks, our team uses this cutting-edge solution to easily lift and stabilize your sunken concrete. Contact the local experts at Groundworks Grand Junction to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection. 

Our Simple Process

1. Schedule Free Inspection

One of our contact center representatives will reach out to you to determine your problem and set the best time for one of our certified field inspectors to visit your home.

2. Consult with our certified inspector

Our certified field inspector will visit your home to observe the problems in your home and inspect other areas of your home that may have been impacted.

3. Installation of customized solutions

Our professional production crew installs patented solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

What Causes Concrete Lifting Problems?

It may start as a small crack in your walkway or patio slab, but the crack gets larger over time, and maybe one side begins to sink into the ground beneath. Sound familiar? Although it may seem like a problem with the concrete, the soil beneath the slab is the problem. 

The Grand Junction area has bentonite clay soil and very low levels of precipitation. In fact, Grand Junction receives only about 10 inches of rain annually, well below the national average of 38 inches. Even considering snowfall, the area is hit with about 16 inches of snow compared to the national average of almost 28 inches. 

Although this may not seem like a problem, when bentonite soil is dry, it shrinks, drastically losing volume. This change in size creates voids beneath your concrete slab allowing it to sink and settle into the ground, resulting in cracks and uneven slabs. 

If you’re noticing this problem, it’s time to call the local experts at Groundworks Grand Junction. Our team is happy to assess and evaluate all the exterior concrete surrounding your home and provide a written estimate to fix the problem. Our solutions come with long-term warranties; you can rest easy that you’re making the right decision. Contact us today to schedule your inspection. 

Our Patented Concrete Lifting Solutions

Groundworks Denver offers affordable,Cracked and uneven exterior slabs not only look unsightly but create serious tripping hazards, especially for those unsure on their feet like older adults and children. Choosing to repair your concrete before anyone gets hurt is the right thing to do.     

SettleStop PolyRenewal™ 

The experts at Groundworks Grand Junction are equipped with the knowledge and cutting-edge solutions to repair your concrete problems. Using the innovative PolyRenewal™ system, your concrete will be lifted back to its original position for years to come. 

But how does it work? PolyRenewal™ is a polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the concrete slab to fill cracks and voids and lift the slab. The foam is lightweight and expands quickly to offer near-instant results. Since the foam is waterproof, it acts as a permanent solution because it won’t wash out. This makes it far superior to the outdated mud jacking technique that pumps mud and concrete beneath the slab and frequently washes out. 

PolyRenewal™ is safe for the environment and isn’t affected by common outside chemicals like weed killers or pesticides. 

Whether your slabs are cracked, sinking, or uneven, Groundworks Grand Junction has the tools and expertise to lift and stabilize your exterior concrete slabs.   

Recent Reviews from our Grand Junction Community

Concrete Lifting Solutions in Denver

Now that you understand how uneven slabs affect your home’s value and safety, ensuring your concrete is in good condition should now be a priority. If you need concrete lifting or are unsure and need an inspection, Groundworks Grand Junction is here to help. They offer a free, no-obligation inspection to better understand the unique problem and offer a customizable solution.   

With more than 15 years of experience working at Grand Junction homes, our solutions are proven to repair your concrete needs for good. Our positive online reviews and good standing with Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List mean we are a company you can trust.  

For a free, no-obligation inspection, contact us today to schedule a date and time that works best for you.  

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