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Reliable Basement Waterproofing in Nebraska

Waterproofing Solutions for Leaking Walls & Basement Flooding

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Lincoln Basement Waterproofing

If you want to ensure the health and safety of your home, look no further than your basement. Water leaks are quite common in the Lincoln area because of the previously discussed clay soil that holds water easily, and the area’s large amount of precipitation annually. The Lincoln area gets more than 30 inches of rain per year, and 25 inches of snow during the winter. During the spring months, when snow melts and spring rains hit hard, having a leaking basement can be very dangerous.

All this water surrounds your home’s foundation and finds the path of least resistance to get in. In the Lincoln area, this often means a crack caused by hydrostatic pressure from the clay soils, but it may also enter at the cove, or where the floor and the wall meet. Both can be very disruptive to your life, especially if your basement is finished. Once items get wet, especially organic materials like drywall and carpeting, they must be completely dried or mold is sure to grow. In an already humid area like the basement, any added water is sure to increase the risk of mold growth exponentially.

Both new and older homes alike are prone to basement leaking, but older homes that have experienced water leakage for a long time typically experience other problem signs as well. Keep an eye out for mold growth, bowing walls, and crumbling concrete on the walls and floors.

We at Groundworks specialize in protecting homes in the Lincoln area from water intrusion. We have built an expert team and a line of products that stand the test of time and are customizable to the specific home types in Lincoln, NE.

Our interior drainage system collects groundwater from under the home and from the foundation walls. It is installed inside the home and sits on top of your home’s footing. This ensures it is outside of the ‘mud zone’ and won’t clog and fail. It also allows for easy maintenance when required. Installation requires no costly exterior excavation, making it ideal when landscaping, decks, and driveways are nearby.

The interior drainage system is then connected to a sump pump where it is removed out and away from your Lincoln home. Often a high-quality vapor barrier is installed to seal out wall moisture and provide a bright, clean look to the basement. If finishing is desired, a wall vapor barrier is the best choice as studs and drywall can be installed directly over it.

An energy-efficient dehumidifier that removes moisture from the air and makes both your basement and upstairs environment more comfortable is a great choice for Lincoln homeowners.

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