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Reputable Foundation Repair In Lincoln Nebraska

Understanding your Lincoln Foundation Issues & How to Solve Them

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Lincoln Foundation Repair

When it comes to the health of your home, it all starts at the foundation. When your home was initially built, a hole was dug in the ground to build the foundation. After the basement or crawl space was constructed, the dirt that was once removed is used to backfill the area. This loose fill soil is more porous than the well-compacted soil. This means that with each rain, water is collected, and an artificial water table is created next to your home. This is known as the clay bowl effect.

Lincoln, NE, has clay soil or clay-loam soil. This is very problematic for Lincoln homeowners. The issue with this type of soil is when it gets wet, it expands. The more clay in the soil, the more it expands, and Lincoln soil has a lot of clay. When the soil expands it puts pressure against your foundation walls. Extended exposure to this pressure causes both new and old foundation walls to fail.

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep an eye out for foundation problems signs. The earlier a foundation issue is identified, the easier and less costly to repair. We recommend at least once a year to take a walk around your home and look for signs of a foundation issue.

The outside of your home is often where it is easiest to spot foundation issues because problems are typically exposed and not covered by drywall or finishing. Take a look at your foundation walls, you can see them where the ground meets the house. Look for cracks or crumbling bricks. Cracks could be horizontal, vertical, or stair-step cracks. Stair-step cracks run through the motor joints in a stair-step pattern. Also, look at your chimney. Does it appear to be leaning or tilting away from the house? If so, this is an obvious sign of a foundation problem.

Side view of failing brick foundation

Depending if your basement is finished or unfinished, oftentimes interior foundation problem signs are easiest to identify since you’re living with them daily. In your home’s basement or crawl space look for cracks in the foundation walls. Again, these cracks can be vertical, horizontal, or in a stair-step pattern. If cracks are visible, is the wall bowing inward at all?  Upstairs, look for signs of uneven floors, drywall or plaster cracks, and nail pops. These are all signs your foundation is suffering.

drywall crack

If you are experiencing these types of issues, you are not alone. The clay soil and humid weather conditions in Lincoln make foundation problems all too common. The good news, the experts at Groundworks understand the area’s unique conditions and have proven repair solutions to permanently solve them for good.

From wall repair using our SettleStop IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System, which stabilizes failing foundation walls and can even straighten bowed walls over time, to our SettleStop Pier System, which transfers the weight of your home to steel piers driven deep into solid ground, offering support and possible lift, our cutting-edge repair solutions are customizable to fit the needs of your unique home.

Finding the best repair method for your foundation problem is exactly what the experts at Groundworks do every day. The trained specialists will decide the root cause of the problem to permanently solve it and restore your peace of mind.

Common Foundation Problem Signs

Foundation Repair Solutions

Our Simple Process

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3. Installation of customized solutions

Our professional production crew installs patented, American-made solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

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