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The Best Foundation Repair in Philadelphia

Foundation repair is essential for maintaining the strength of your Philadelphia home. Safeguard your residence with patented solutions from Groundworks. Our customized repair options offer lasting stability.

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Philadelphia Foundation Repair

Philadelphia’s expansive soil conditions can stress foundations as the weather changes, leading to shifting and settlement that risks your home’s structure. This stress often leads to bowing basement walls, sinking concrete, foundation cracks, and uneven floors. These damages can cause water damage and structural issues, decreasing your home’s value.

Groundworks addresses foundation issues by identifying the root causes of damage and devising a repair plan that coincides with your home’s unique needs. Our team delivers customized, patented solutions that address the visible signs of damage, like cracks, and the underlying causes, like soil instability, ensuring a comprehensive approach. We fortify your Philadelphia home’s foundation permanently from the ground up.

Groundworks protects your home and safety by using patented repair methods that can enhance property value for your Philadelphia home.

Contact Groundworks for a free inspection and learn more about our financing and long-term warranty options.

Common Foundation Problem Signs

When visible signs of foundation damage, like cracks or sinking, appear, prompt repairs are essential. Diagonal stair-step cracks, drywall nail pops, floor gaps, sagging floors, and sticking doors and windows are telltale damage signs. Philadelphia’s soil composition threatens concrete foundations as it expands and shrinks with weather changes, leading to cracks and settlement over time.

Ignoring foundation issues can lead to significant damage. Safeguard your home’s stability and safety by contacting a professional for repairs when you notice signs of foundation damage.

Our Simple Process

1. Schedule a Free Inspection

Contact us to schedule a free home inspection with a Groundworks professional.

2. Consult with a Certified Groundworks Expert

A certified Groundworks expert will evaluate the issues in your home, examine other possibly impacted areas, and create a personalized repair strategy.

3. Custom Repair Installation

Groundworks’ skilled teams deploy patented solutions to strengthen and enhance your home.

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What Causes Foundation Problems?

A sturdy foundation is crucial for maintaining the stability of your Philadelphia home. Several factors contribute to foundation damage, including the region’s soil composition, inadequate drainage, freeze-thaw cycles, and tree roots. These triggers stress home foundations, potentially leading to concrete slab cracks, settling, sinking concrete, drywall cracks, and bowing basement walls, among other damages. Foundation issues may also arise if the concrete was poorly installed during initial construction.

Groundworks understands the relationship between soil, weather, and other factors influencing your home’s foundation. With over 20 years of expertise, we can effectively diagnose these issues. Taking proactive measures when you first notice signs of damage can prevent extensive damage and more costly repairs in the future.

We tailor our patented solutions to the specific needs of your Philadelphia home. Groundworks’ methods address the root causes of damage to ensure a holistic, long-lasting repair.

Common Causes of Foundation Problems

Foundation Repair Solutions

Groundworks is Philadelphia’s leader in foundation repair. Our skilled team provides effective, long-lasting solutions for foundation slab cracks, sticking doors and windows, uneven floors, and more. We focus on foundation stabilization and, when possible, complete restoration to its original state. Our patented methods target the underlying causes of foundation problems, ensuring superior-quality, permanent results.

Foundation with a close-up of push piers.

Foundation Pier Systems

Groundworks provides three foundation pier systems to restore long-term stability.

Helical piers are rotated deep into the ground to reach load-bearing soil and provide superior support—these “screws” act as anchors, stabilizing your home against potential movement.

Push piers operate differently, relying on hydraulic force to push through unstable layers until they reach a firm stratum below.

For homes with slab foundations, slab piers are installed beneath the concrete to offer targeted support, potentially restoring your home to its original level.

Each pier system strategically transfers your home’s weight to stable soil. Groundworks carefully selects the optimal pier type for your home based on soil conditions and the extent of existing damage, ensuring a customized solution built to last.

Groundworks foundation piers are backed by a comprehensive, long-term warranty for peace of mind.

Wall Anchors 3D cut-out illustration.

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors provide essential stabilization for the foundation wall, anchoring it securely to the underlying soil with robust strength. Engineered with triple galvanized steel plates, these anchors reinforce the foundation, preventing further movement. Post-installation adjustments, as required, ensure that the basement walls maintain their original, upright position.

Wall anchor installation minimizes disruption to landscaping, and the discreet steel plates can be effortlessly concealed during basement finishing for a seamless aesthetic.

At Groundworks, our wall anchors come with a comprehensive, long-term warranty, guaranteeing the safety and security of your Philadelphia home.

D illustration close-up of IntelliJack.

SettleStop IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks

The IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks boast robust galvanized steel construction and are certified to meet the highest industry standards. These jacks address structural issues by restoring stability and alignment to overspanned floor joists within crawl spaces, enhancing safety. This comprehensive process restores uneven and sagging floors while reinforcing the structural integrity of your Philadelphia home.

Groundworks proudly offers flexible financing options and long-term warranties with every foundation repair.

Contact Groundworks for Expert Foundation Repair in Philadelphia

Groundworks has over 20 years of expertise in foundation repair. We diagnose and resolve the underlying causes of problems for a comprehensive, tailored approach to foundation care.

Contact Groundworks today to schedule a free inspection and discover how we can restore the foundation of your Philadelphia home.

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