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No job too big or small, our patented solutions and services are custom designed to help protect your home’s safety, appearance, and value. All work is done by trained and certified technicians.

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Groundworks Solutions

Groundworks Experts Assess and Repair a Home Foundation

Foundation Repair

Foundation problems can affect your home’s safety, appearance, and value. Repairing your foundation issue before it becomes a big problem is the most affordable and effective solution.

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Basement Waterproofing

Leaking and flooding basements can be a headache and lead to major home repairs. Don’t risk it – protect your home.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Crawl Space Repair

More than half of the air you are breathing in your house comes from the crawl space. So, whatever is in the crawl space, like mold and allergens, also is in the rest of your home and is affecting you.

Groundworks expert lifts a customers driveway concrete

Concrete Lifting

Does your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, concrete steps or patio have problem areas where sunken concrete has caused uneven surfaces and tripping hazards to form? It is a very noticeable problem that has a very simple solution.

Common Solutions

Sump Pump

A crawl space sump pump could be a necessary step in your crawl space repair process.

Push Pier

Push piers are a specific foundation underpinning process that may be beneficial for your home.


A fully encapsulated crawl space can help protect your home.

Helical Pier

Helical piers are a great tool for sinking foundations of all types.

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A durable interior drainage system is among the best ways to permanently waterproof your basement.

Dehumidifier hose being installed


A reliable dehumidifier system in your crawl space or basement reduces the moisture in the air of your home.


A heavy-duty crawl space jack can better support the girders, floor joists, and beams in your crawl space, as well as the floor above.

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Carbon Fiber Repair

Reinforcement 10 times stronger than steel helps give your foundation the support it needs to stand up to strong outside forces. 

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