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What Are the Worst U.S. Cities for Rainfall?

Don’t assume Seattle’s rainy reputation would mean it tops the list of the rainiest cities in the United States. The reality is that the cities that have the highest number of rainy days don’t always line up with the cities that get the largest volume of precipitation.

For example, the St. Louis metropolitan area isn’t typically considered to be rainy, but in 2019, the wet conditions were record-breaking. A total of 54 inches of precipitation fell during the city’s 88 rainy days. There was widespread flooding throughout the Missouri River Basin, 16 major disasters were declared, and rivers were above flood stage for more than 300 days.

Where exactly are the worst U.S. cities for rainfall?

Let’s look at two rankings of the rainiest cities in the U.S. — one that ranks the major U.S. cities that have the highest number of rainy days and another that ranks American cities that receive the most precipitation.


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Which Places Had the Most Rainfall in 2019?

Rain patterns vary each year. In 2019, the annual precipitation report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows the significant rainfall that happened in the Midwest.

Many of these central states broke records for the wettest year ever recorded.

For example, Starkville, MS, typically receives about 55 inches of rain per year, but in 2019, rainfall was about 90 inches. This prompted the city’s engineering department to begin planning for stormwater management, drainage systems, and flood mitigation.

Throughout the Midwest, there was damage to roads, bridges, rail lines, and dams. Estimates show the homes of nearly 14 million people throughout the Midwest and South were affected. In Missouri, there was an uptick in interest in water management systems including sump pumps and basement waterproofing both as water management solutions and as preventative measures.

While the Midwest was flooding, other areas of the country had the opposite weather pattern. The Pacific Northwest and areas of the Southeast both received much lower levels of precipitation than is typical.

2019 rainfall worst cities map

Precipitation data were collected from weather stations across the country. The cumulative data shows which cities in the U.S. had the most average annual rainfall and precipitation.

30 Cities with the Most Precipitation in 2019

  1. Beaumont City, TX — 93.7 inches of rain
  2. Starkville, MS — 89.56 inches of rain
  3. Portland, AR — 85.78 inches of rain
  4. Fayette, AL — 83.57 inches of rain
  5. Seneca, MO — 81.09 inches of rain
  6. Lynchburg, TN — 80.15 inches of rain
  7. Arkabutla, MS — 79.15 inches of rain
  8. Independence, MS — 78.2 inches of rain
  9. Greenville, MS — 78.2 inches of rain
  10. Gravette, AR — 77.21 inches of rain
  11. Rohwer, AR — 76.82 inches of rain
  12. Spavinaw, OK —  76.68 inches of rain
  13. Hernando, MS — 76.56 inches of rain
  14. Marianna, AR — 76.4 inches of rain
  15. Addison, AL — 73.17 inches of rain
  16. Newcomb, TN — 72.99 inches of rain
  17. Black Rock, AR — 72.32 inches of rain
  18. Paragould, AR — 71.38 inches of rain
  19. Compton, AR — 71.15 inches of rain
  20. Altamont, KS — 71.02 inches of rain
  21. Girard, KS — 70.6 inches of rain
  22. Springfield, TN — 70.5 inches of rain
  23. Nevada, MO — 70.34 inches of rain
  24. Lucas, KY — 69.89 inches of rain
  25. Bartlett, KS — 69.78 inches of rain
  26. Parsons, KS — 69.59 inches of rain
  27. McMinnville, TN — 68.3 inches of rain
  28. Mound Valley, KS — 68.2 inches of rain
  29. Rochester, KY — 67.94 inches of rain
  30. Oneida, KY — 67.75 inches of rain

Which Cities Have The Most Rainy Days?

The other way to measure the rainiest cities in the U.S. is to look at the number of rainy days per year.

Keep in mind that weather patterns vary. Rainy days don’t necessarily mean gloomy days.

For example, in the city of Hilo on the eastern shore of Hawaii’s Big Island, it rains about three out of every four days. The regular rainstorms contribute to the island’s lush beauty, picturesque rainbows, and dramatic waterfalls.

On the other hand, Alaska is home to many of the wettest cities, but in these cases, the weather events aren’t tropical rainstorms but snow squalls. Similarly, the Lake Effect in upstate New York brings moisture down from the Great Lakes, and many of these cities also see a large number of days with precipitation.

The data below from NOAA shows the average number of days per year where each city had at least 0.01 inch of precipitation, including rain and snow.

cities with the most rainy and snow days

30 Cities With The Most Rainy/Snowy Days

  1. Hilo, HI — 276 days per year
  2. Cold Bay, AK — 236 days per year
  3. Yakutat, AK — 228 days per year
  4. Annette, AK — 226 days per year
  5. Juneau, AK — 224 days per year
  6. Mt. Washington, NH — 213 days per year
  7. St. Paul Island, AK — 208 days per year
  8. Quillayute, WA — 207 days per year
  9. Kodiak, AK — 198 days per year
  10. Lihue, HI — 196 days per year
  11. Astoria, OR — 194 days per year
  12. Valdez, AK — 177 days per year
  13. Elkins, WV — 173 days per year
  14. Syracuse, NY — 172 days per year
  15. Buffalo, NY — 167 days per year
  16. Sault Ste. Marie, MI — 165 days per year
  17. Olympia, WA — 163 days per year
  18. Binghamton, NY — 162 days per year
  19. Rochester, NY — 162 days per year
  20. Erie, PA — 162 days per year
  21. Caribou, ME — 159 days per year
  22. Youngstown, OH — 159 days per year
  23. Beckley, WV — 159 days per year
  24. Akron, OH — 156 days per year
  25. Cleveland, OH — 156 days per year
  26. Seattle, WA — 156 days per year
  27. Burlington, VT — 155 days per year
  28. King Salmon, AK — 154 days per year
  29. Pittsburgh, PA — 154 days per year
  30. Portland, OR — 153 days per year

Can Rain Damage Your Foundation?

Rainwater has a significant impact on your home’s foundation, particularly if not properly managed. When rainwater accumulates around the foundation, it can lead to soil expansion, exerting pressure on foundation walls and potentially causing cracks and structural damage.

This hydrostatic pressure can weaken the foundation over time, leading to issues like bowing walls, water seepage, and even basement flooding.

Excessive moisture from rainwater can erode the soil beneath the foundation, causing uneven settling or sinking. This settlement can manifest as cracks in walls, uneven floors, and misaligned doors and windows.

Improper drainage or clogged gutters can exacerbate these issues, directing more water towards the foundation. To protect the foundation, it’s crucial to ensure proper drainage, maintain gutters and downspouts, and consider waterproofing solutions to prevent water entry and its detrimental effects on the structural integrity of your home.

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