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From Foundation Repair to Basement Waterproofing, Groundworks has you covered. Learn more about how to keep your home healthy and safe for your family with our detailed articles.

CFI and customer discussing the side of the home.

What is a House Foundation?

All strong construction starts with a sturdy, level foundation. The foundation of your home is the base upon which the structure sits. So in that respect, the foundation is one of the most essential elements of your property. Without a durable foundation, the

What You Should Do When Your Doors are Sticking

Do you have a door at your property that’s difficult to open or close? While the issue could be that the door is slightly too big for its frame or hung incorrectly, the more likely explanation is humidity. Most doors are made from wood, which swells when

Why Hire an Experienced Team to Repair Your House Foundation

It’s easier to overlook the importance of your home’s foundation since it’s usually underfoot and out of sight. However, your property’s concrete foundation is its most essential structural element. Without a level, reliable base, you’ll begin

What are the First Signs of Foundation Cracks?

Some people think concrete foundation walls are eternal, and once they are poured, they never require another thought. That would be nice, but it’s far from reality. The fact is that subtle changes in the soil around your building and widely varying