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Foundation Repair Solutions for Your Home

When problems with your home's foundation arise, it can bring a variety of other issues along with it. Here's how our specialized solutions can repair your home's foundation to it's original stability.

Groundworks Experts Assess and Repair a Home Foundation

Get Your Foundation Repair from the Experts

Your foundation is the central support for your home’s structural integrity. If you have a foundation issue, only professional foundation repair can get things back into shape. And you want high-quality foundation solutions because low-quality repairs can leave your home in shambles and cost more in the future.

How do you make sure you’re only opting for high-quality foundation repair? It’s a good idea to know a little bit more about the process as a whole and how it can benefit you. Here’s what you need to know so you can choose the best expert in your area.

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Common Foundation Problem Signs

cracking brick wall exterior

Cracked Bricks

Cracked bricks in your home can be a very worrying problem. How can you identify and fix your home’s cracked bricks?

wall and floor gap

Floor and Wall Gaps

When you start to notice floor and wall gaps, you may worry about what it means for your foundation. How can you fix these problems more easily?

Uneven wood floors with laser level on basebaord

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors can have a marked impact on your home’s structural safety and cosmetic appearance. What can you do to fix this problem?

Do you see any of these signs? Book an appointment now!

Causes of Foundation Problems

Understanding the root causes of these issues is crucial in determining the appropriate foundation repair solutions. From foundation settlement and inadequate drainage to improper construction, we explore the common culprits that can compromise the stability and structural integrity of your foundation. By gaining insights into these causes, you can take proactive measures to protect your property and ensure a solid foundation for years to come.

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Methods of Fixing Foundation Problems

How can you fix your foundation problems? Groundworks offers two main methods of fixing foundation concerns, with a variety of options that can help you permanently. 

Foundation Repair and Reinforcement

Whether you have a basement or not, there may be times where your foundation itself has sinking or settling concerns. In this situation, you may need to boost the foundation from underneath. Your local foundation repair professionals provide multiple fixes to help you boost the actual foundation itself. 

Wall Repair and Reinforcement

The second method of foundation repairs is wall repair and reinforcement. Specifically, this comes into play when you have a basement that’s having foundation concerns. That can often turn into bowed basement walls, which you may need to reinforce. Your local foundation repair professionals offer three different methods of wall repair and reinforcement in this situation. 

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FAQs About Foundation Repair

No, DIY foundation repairs won’t fix your foundation problems. Foundation problems run much deeper than the surface, so you need specialized equipment and expertise.

Yes, foundation problems are pretty much always serious. Your home’s foundation supports every other element of the home, so without a strong, stable foundation, your home is at risk of collapse. That’s why it’s so important to fix every foundation problem as soon as you’ve uncovered it.

Yes, foundation problems are not something that you can just leave alone. When you start to see basement floor cracks and other signs of foundation issues, that means you’ve caught the problem early—which is great! But you need to address the problem to stop them from turning into even more serious issues.

Usually no, foundation repairs aren’t always covered by homeowners insurance, but you should get in contact with your provider to make sure. Every Groundworks company offers affordable financing with reliable warranties, but read our guide on homeowners insurance for foundation repairs for more in-depth information.

Foundation Repair Is Easier Than You’d Think with an Expert 

One of the reasons many people worry about foundation repair is because they’re concerned it’ll be difficult. This is an understandable fear, but when you have the help of an expert, it’s not that scary. You can schedule your free inspection with Groundworks today and learn firsthand how important it is to have an expert along for the ride. 

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