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Push Piers

Push piers are a specific underpinning solution that may be beneficial for your settling foundation. How can these durable piers protect your home?

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Foundation Repair with Push Piers

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If your home is experiencing foundation settlement and showing it in the form of drywall cracks, nail pops, and sticking windows and doors, you need to address this issue right away. Otherwise, your home will sustain even more damage that will be dangerous for your foundation and your family. Your best bet is to seek professional advice from a foundation repair expert who will be able to offer the best repair solution to fit your home’s needs.

Push piers are just one type of solution that can be used to correct settling foundations. These durable piers are used to bypass the problematic, unstable soil directly underneath your foundation and transfer the weight of your home to better-suited soil deep beneath the surface. This way, your home will be on stable ground and protected for many years to come.

What Are Push Piers?

Push piers are a form of underpinning used to better support and restore settling foundations. You may have heard of underpinning before but may not be quite clear on what the process is and what it can do for your home. Underpinning involves utilizing a solution like a pier to reinforce the existing foundation and strengthen underlying soil. This is done by driving piers into the ground to extend the foundation so the load of the home above is evenly distributed over a large surface.

The galvanized steel push piers are pushed past unstable soil and driven into deep, load-bearing soil like bedrock to permanently stabilize your home and potentially lift the foundation back toward its original position. Push piers offer a longtime solution with minimal mess and disruption to your property.

What Sets Push Piers Apart?

Push piers are different from many other foundation settlement solutions, but that doesn’t mean they’re better than all of them. Different elements set push piers apart, making them a useful option for many foundation settlement problems.

  • Different Benefits Available

The reason there are so many different foundation settlement solutions is that people get different benefits from them. You should think more about the benefits push piers can provide your home specifically. For example, push piers can allow you to lift the foundation back to its initial point, above where it’s resting right now.

Talking to an expert is an especially useful way to help you figure out which method of foundation repair will be best. An expert will provide you information about potential options. That way, you can receive a fix that alleviates all your concerns, without paying extra for a product that overdoes its job. 

  •  The Importance of a Permanent Fix

Foundation settlement is an important problem that you need to tackle as soon as possible; you can’t just let the shifting and sinking continue. If you do, you can end up with permanent concerns related to your home’s structural integrity, which isn’t a great choice for your family’s safety. This may lead to costly repairs or even full replacements being needed in the future.

Since the foundation is the load-bearing center of your home, when it fails, your entire home fails. That makes it important to invest in a permanent solution that is built to last. As a plus, when it’s installed by a professional, you can benefit from a long-term warranty on any work or equipment. This ensures you can have peace of mind for decades to come, without having to revisit the same issue. 

What Do Foundation Repair Experts Consider Before Using Push Piers?

There are many different foundation repair solutions out there and many of them utilize piers, like push piers, helical piers, and slab piers. These names may make them all look pretty similar, but it’s important to remember that they aren’t. They’re different elements of similar processes.

  • Your Unique Situation

First off, your foundation repair expert will need to think about the foundation problems you’re having right now. Not only can you catch these issues early and resolve them, but they can indicate what problems you might encounter in the future. This helps apply the right safeguards to ensure it’s a one-time investment now, rather than a costly repair or replacement down the line. 

It’s also important to consider what foundation you have. Understanding this fact can help anticipate what issues might arise, what solutions may be needed, and the amount you should budget for the future. A repair expert can help you understand the type of foundation you have and the best fixes for it.

  • An Expert’s Advice

At the end of the day, the best option is to take an expert’s advice. After all, an expert will know what’s going on in your home and will be able to suggest fixes that have worked effectively for many homeowners. With a combination of hands-on experience and knowledge learned over many years in the industry, an expert is going to be able to suggest a solution that will work.

Talk to a Groundworks foundation repair expert to learn more about your options for foundation repair. They will be able to determine which method of foundation repair is best for you and what will ensure a healthier foundation overall. As a plus, the work comes with long-term warranties, so you can have peace of mind.

FAQs About Push Piers

When you’re using push piers to support most or all of your home’s weight, you need to make sure they’re stable enough to manage it. Push piers have a long history of use. The reason people still use them today is that they’re stable enough to work. 

  • Long-Lasting Fix

Push piers are absolutely a long-lasting fix. Push piers utilize extremely strong and sturdy construction to ensure that they have as much lifting power as possible. It’s a long-lasting fix that will maintain its strength for a very long time, making sure you don’t have to replace these piers anytime soon.

One of the elements that Groundworks utilizes is a longtime warranty against manufacturing defects. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the product will work. If it ever stops working because of an issue with the manufacturing, just call Groundworks to get more information about having an expert come out and check.

  • Regular Upkeep

Although push piers are designed to last, the very issues in your soil that harmed your foundation may eventually work away at the piers – unless they’re properly maintained. That makes it important to schedule a yearly inspection with an expert. They can assess the home, the piers, and the damage that gear helped to reverse. If any minor issues are present, then corrections can be applied right away to keep the piers and your foundation stable, effective, and long-lasting.

A yearly inspection for your home is a good idea whether or not you have push piers. An expert may be able to identify problems like mold and mildew or even pest infestations. This upkeep is crucial if you want to make sure that your home works well and functions effectively.

Although push pier systems are permanent fixes, not everyone understands the unique benefits they may be able to get from a push pier system. Here are a few of the most prominent solutions you’ll get from a push pier system. 

  • Easier for Your Home to Stay Stable

One of the biggest problems that homes experience is soil erosion and shifting. A push pier system will make it easier for your home to remain on the soil of your property, no matter what the soil looks like immediately underneath the foundation. You can just install push piers to utilize the bedrock deep down and make sure your home’s stable.

Stability in homes is one of the biggest things that can cause a serious problem. Soil erosion, for example, can cause pressure on your basement walls, damage to your crawl space, cracks and fissures along walls, and uneven flooring. These are all serious concerns that will only escalate over time. Instead of just dealing with soil erosion, you can use a pier system to bypass those stability problems and create a more stable home structure.

  • Works with All Sorts of Soil Types

Many types of soil aren’t great for homes. For example, if your soil has a lot of clay in it, it may expand and contract much more than other types of soil, making it difficult to adjust around the foundation. A push piers system allows you to bypass all the soil, meaning you no longer have to worry about your soil’s expansion or contraction.

Most homeowners have to worry about the soil around the home to some extent, but certain homes are at higher risk for concerns like expansive soils. The best way to make sure whether your home has these problems is to get an expert out to help you look. Regardless of what’s going on under your home, a pier system can help you fix it.

Make Sure You Have the Right Foundation Repair Solution with a Groundworks Expert’s Help

The right foundation repair solution is different for everyone. What may have worked for your neighbor might not be what your house needs. That’s why you shouldn’t tackle repairing a settling foundation alone. Your best bet is entrusting your home to a seasoned foundation repair expert who will be able to complete a thorough inspection and decide which fix is right for you.

The perfect balance of information and expertise is at Groundworks. Groundworks wants you to know what type of fix you’re going to get, which is why you’ll learn a lot when you talk to your foundation repair expert. However, you’ll also get the peace of mind inherent in taking advice from a knowledgeable individual. Contact Groundworks to set up your free inspection today.

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