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“If you expect someone to act like an Owner, you need to make them one… and we did!”

Matt Malone, Groundworks Founder & CEO

Since the inception of Groundworks, there has always been some facet of an employee ownership or profit-sharing program within the company. For the first few years, this was awarded to employees that held management level positions throughout Groundworks.

Groundworks is a company built on Meritocracy. We believe that if you put in the work and perform, you will be rewarded. Groundworks Founder & CEO Matt Malone states, “if you expect someone to act like an Owner, you need to make them one.” In 2023, Matt made the bold decision to do something that had never been done before in the home services industry. He announced that every single employee in Groundworks would have the ability to become an Owner in the company.

The Groundworks Employee Ownership Program (“EOP”) is simple. All employees become eligible and enrolled in the EOP after 6 months of consecutive employment within the company. When the company has a financial event, all employees in the program will receive a one-time payout*.

That’s it! Employees are not asked to put a dime of their own money into the program. All that we ask is that employees work hard, take care of our customers, and treat the company as if it were their own…. After all, it is!

Collectively, if we all get better and work together towards a common goal, everyone wins! The Groundworks Employee Ownership Program could result in a life-changing event for employees and their families. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our Tribe had to say…

Ready to own your future?