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Weep Holes

Weep holes are drilled in the bottom row of the cinder blocks, near the footing, to relieve water trapped in the hollow cavities inside the cinder block.

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Everything you need to know about Weep Holes

Anytime it rains, there’s the possibility that water could accumulate behind the foundation walls of your home. But this fear is more than a headache because not all water is obvious. If you have a foundation made of concrete blocks, there are hollow cavities within each block. When water infiltrates the wall, it fills in these cavities and increases the hydrostatic pressure. Due to this force water eventually leaks into the basement and causes damage. 

Weep holes are holes drilled into the bottom row of cement blocks to drain the water that has infiltrated them. Water exits through the weep holes, alleviating the pressure on your foundation walls. The excess water then flows into the drainage system. Weep holes must be sized correctly so they can overcome surface tension. 

Although weep holes are just one aspect of a waterproofing solution, combined with an interior drainage system and a sump pump, weep holes help make a strong line of defense against water damage.  

Weep Hole Installation  

Weep holes are drilled at the bottom of the wall. After they are in place, they will be able to efficiently remove water from your foundation walls and direct it into the interior drainage system.   

The BasementGutterTM interior drainage system collects all the excess water that seeps in through the walls and the wall/floor joint, as well as the water that comes out of the weep holes.  

The system is barely visible once installed so it won’t disrupt the look of a finished basement. The interior drain features a clog-free design, so it won’t get clogged with debris and dirt. Another benefit is that it is made of rugged plastic, so it won’t rust or decay.  

Weep holes are a rather simple solution, but very effective. With weep holes you can relieve pressure on your foundation walls and avert a lot of problems.   

If you think that adding weep holes to your list of waterproofing solutions would benefit your home, do not install them on your own. Instead, let the professionals handle this project. Contact a local foundation expert and schedule a free inspection and quote. 

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