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Our Favorite Basements with Hot Tubs, Pools, Saunas, or Steam Rooms

Interested in adding a hot tub, pool, sauna, or steam room to your home's basement? Here are our top picks to help jump-start your creative thoughts.

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Basements provide so much additional space for your home. That can include storage, utility rooms, workshops, and space just right for a hot tub, sauna, steam room, or even a swimming pool. 

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what to add to your basement.

Basement Hot Tubs 

Leaning back and taking in the stars while soaking away the troubles of the day is the perfect way to enjoy a hot tub. Unless there are snowflakes obscuring your view and the temperature is below freezing. As the seasons change, it does make sense to consider moving it all indoors.

It’s no small task to install a hot tub indoors. You’ll need to work with a professional who will consider all the critical factors. These include flooring that is waterproof and prevents slips, adequate drainage to handle splashes, water access for filling the tub, and a vapor barrier and exhaust fans to handle the humidity and odorless sanitizing chemicals. 

Here are our top picks of basement hot tubs to provide ideas for your own installation. We’ve also included a basement soaker tub that is easier to install than a full-blown hot tub.

1. Indoor Cedar Hot Tub

Attribution: Canadian Hot Tubs – Facebook

2. Modern Open Room

Attribution: Zillow – Pinterest 

3. Basement Soaker Tub

Attribution: Natalie Vaillancourt Century 21 – Facebook

Basement Swimming Pools

Installing a basement swimming pool is a considerable step up from a hot tub or soaker tub. But it can be well worth it for the exercise or therapeutic aspects. There are a number of critical considerations for installation. We’d say “don’t try this at home,” but it’s obvious from the photos below that many have tried this at home. Just make sure you find the right professionals for your installation.

1. Wood and Stone Trim — Super Basement Pool

Attribution: Experience The French Riviera – Facebook  

2. Relaxing Basement Pool for the End of the Day

Attribution: The Complete Oak Home – Facebook 

3. Ultimate Spa Break — Pool and Sauna

Attribution: Francis Homes – Facebook 

Sauna and Steam Rooms

Hot tubs and pools require considerable expertise and expense. On the other hand, saunas can be brought in and assembled on the spot. However, they do require a ventilation system, heat shields, vapor barriers, insulation, and electricity installation. So it’s not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Here are our picks from the simplest to the more complex. 

1. Sauna Tucked into a Basement Corner

Attribution: The Pike Group Halifax Real Estate – Facebook 

2. Spa with Sauna and Walk-in Shower

Attribution: Ottawa Magazine – Facebook

3. All-Glass-Front Sauna

Attribution: Crystal Shore Properties – Facebook

Add Your Own Basement Hot Tub, Pool, Sauna, or Steam Room 

Those are some incredible additions to consider for your basement. 

The first step in any construction project is to ensure that your basement is solid in every respect—from drainage systems to wall supports. That’s where the local basement waterproofing and foundation repair professionals at Groundworks can help. For a free inspection and repair quote, contact us today.

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