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Top 10 NFL-Inspired Basements

Want to turn your basement into a football fan cave? The owners of these 10 NFL-inspired basements reveal impressive ways to celebrate your favorite football team.

NFL team themed basements illustration.

Fan caves have been popular uses for basements for many years, whether you plan to watch games from home or head to the stadium. But some NFL-themed fan caves take their team love to a whole new level. 

In these 10 football-inspired basements, we see lifetime collections of memorabilia, big-screen projections for game viewing, built-in bars for hosting friends, and so much more. 

Which of these NFL fan caves do you wish you had in your basement?

1. New England Patriots Fan Cave

Attribution: NEWS CENTER Maine – YouTube

From choosing the right shirt and shoes for game day to setting everything up for guests in this incredible basement fan cave, it’s all about the New England Patriots. Visiting fans will delight in everything from the Pats chowderhead hat and original artwork to signed footballs and jerseys. Quite a few signatures and lots of memories fill this superb fan cave making it the perfect place for game day. 

2. Chicago Bears Fan Cave

Attribution: Chicago Bears – YouTube

The best part about this Chicago Bears fan cave is that when the team scores a touchdown, even the room itself starts celebrating. The owner’s tech setup has smart lightbulbs connected to Alexa. After giving the voice command “Bear down,” the multi-colored lights start flashing and the team’s fight song starts playing. In addition to the high-tech touchdown party, the basement also has multiple TVs, a bar area, a dining spot for pre-game food, and plenty of memorabilia. 

3. Green Bay Packers Fan Cave

Attribution: The Drew Cave – Facebook

This fan of the green and gold turned his basement into the best spot to watch Packers games. Owner Andrew Lomeli calls it The Drew Cave, a 1,200-square-foot basement in his Dayton, OH, home. You can see the full setup in his Packers fan cave video tour. It has a 125-inch projector screen, autographed jerseys, decals of players, a bar, plus a few other TVs. To keep the team rivalry going, there’s a Bears logo in the toilet.

4. Detroit Lions Fan Cave

Attribution: @TheLionsMan – Twitter

The owner of this Detroit Lions fan cave did a great job of transforming his basement into the ultimate place to watch games. To see the transformation, check out the picture of the basement before it was renovated. The renovation project took more than painting the walls and laying down carpet. It probably needed a basement dehumidifier and improved lighting to make the room more comfortable. Then he could add multiple televisions, plenty of seating, posters, and memorabilia. On the far wall, there’s even a bar made from reclaimed wood. 

5. Philadelphia Eagles Fan Cave
Attribution: Marty Small Sr. – Twitter

The mayor of Atlantic City, Marty Small, is an Eagles fan, and his “happy place” is the 800-square-foot fan cave in the basement of his home. After purchasing the house in 2009, he made an arrangement with his wife about the home decor. She could control the furnishings and decor of the rest of the home, but he called the shots in his basement fan cave. This meant dark green walls covered in a mosaic of memorabilia and two rows of black recliner seating.

6. Basement Football Display of an NFL Linebacker

Attribution: J.Design Group – Miami Interior Designers – Facebook

This football-inspired basement isn’t a place to watch the game. Instead, it’s where linebacker Stephen Tulloch displays mementos from his own career. 

Before retiring in 2019 after 11 seasons, Tulloch played with the Tennessee Titans, Detroit Lions, and Philadelphia Eagles. His home in Pinecrest, FL, is 10,000 square feet with eight bedrooms and a pool. But the designers at J.Design Group say that one of the biggest challenges was creating a memorabilia room. 

Located in the basement, the display has custom shelving for helmets, shoes, and balls. Only a select set of mementos are on display, and the basement has full waterproofing and climate controls to protect the owner’s collection. After all, the Miami region is one of the worst cities for hurricane damage because of its vulnerability to storm surges.

7. Denver Broncos Fan Cave

Attribution: devbo420 – Reddit

After this fan cave owner shared a picture with other Denver Broncos fans, his team enthusiasm made a big impression. Strangers were angling for an invitation to come over and watch the next game. Others jumped right to saying: “I’m moving in.” Nearly everything in the room has the team colors, including the plush orange carpet, orange and blue chairs, and orange and blue walls. 

8. Indianapolis Colts Fan Cave

Attribution: cactusmousse12 – Reddit

One Indianapolis Colts fan shared that his fan cave is decked out in blue. The combination of team memorabilia, player decals, blue walls, and blue lighting makes it the perfect place for the owners to watch the football season and cheer on their favorite team. In a follow-up video tour of the fan cave, you can get a closer look at the space, including the signed jerseys that are on display. 

9. Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Cave

Attribution: SteelersNationUnite – Twitter

This Pittsburgh Steelers fan has such an impressive collection of memorabilia that the fan cave was reassembled at Carnegie Mellon University’s Miller Gallery as a part of the Whatever It Takes exhibition. The curators said Denny DeLuca’s basement is “crammed floor to ceiling with hundreds of handmade and altered objects, each with its own story that describes both the biography of the team and Denny’s autobiography.” 

In an interview with DeLuca, he shares some of the stories of his memorabilia, including how he used home-cooked food to get Three Rivers Stadium demolition workers to deliver a steel beam from the stadium to his house. 

10. San Francisco 49ers Fan Cave

Attribution: @40NinerFaithful – Twitter

This ultimate fan cave is decked out in scarlet and gold for the owner’s favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers. With flags, photos, and jerseys on display, the room comes together with a matching 49ers carpet and a red sofa. The collection of team gear transformed an ordinary TV room into an enthusiastic fan cave. 

Is Your Basement Fan Cave Ready?

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