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What You Should Do When Your Doors are Sticking

Do you have a door at your property that’s difficult to open or close? While the issue could be that the door is slightly too big for its frame or hung incorrectly, the more likely explanation is humidity. Most doors are made from wood, which swells when exposed to humidity and other types of moisture. So what should you do when you have a door sticking?

The first step is to figure out exactly which part of the door is sticking. Is a particular corner of the door catching against the frame? Is the strike plate of the lock mechanism hitting the frame? Does it look like the door is hanging crookedly? Watch carefully as you open and close the door a few times, and the problem should become obvious. Once you’ve identified the door’s specific problem, you can proceed with the appropriate solution.

If the door is too big to fit easily into the frame, you will need to remove the door and carefully sand down the section causing issues. However, be careful not to remove too much wood. If the problem is the strike plate, try tightening up the visible screws. For doors that hang crookedly, look for hinges that may have come loose and tighten them.

If none of these methods work, then your door problem may be related to foundation issues. A member of our team is available to assist you with this problem.