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AquaStop WallSeal™ Vapor Barrier

WallSeal™ is one of your best defenses against water leaking into your basement. Waterproofing solutions are Groundworks’s specialty.


Ultimate Basement Waterproofing with AquaStop WallSeal™

Waterproofing your basement is an investment in protecting your home from water damage.

AquaStop WallSeal™ vapor barrier liners can keep your basement dry and free of moisture. Vapor barriers are a moisture control solution made out of thick and plastic material. When placed in a basement, it’s applied on the walls to keep water out of your home, along with many gases like radon. Vapor barriers are also typically made to ward off mold and mildew. They can protect your home from excess moisture and even give your basement a clean look and feel.

In humid weather, this is a vital step for homeowners to take. Not only will it stop water-related problems like mold and wood rot from developing, but it’ll help maintain the health and structural integrity of the home. This is also true in more arid climates, where sudden rainfall can manipulate cracks that may have developed in your walls.

Is it the right solution for you?

The Benefits of Vapor Barriers

WallSeal installed in Basement

High-quality vapor barrier liners like AquaStop WallSeal™ play a major part in keeping your basement dry from external sources of water by placing a durable, waterproof barrier between your home and the elements. The lining helps to direct water to your interior drainage system, allowing water to avoid the wall panels. It’s an important element of avoiding water damage overall, as wall panels tend to be some of the first things that go when they interact with water.

When you invest in a high-quality moisture barrier like the AquaStop WallSeal liner you get other benefits, too. This liner is not just waterproof, it is mold resistant, puncture-resistant, and tear-resistant. This means that it has a longer lifespan than cheaper hardware store alternatives. Once you install an AquaStop WallSeal™ liner, you can expect decades of protection for your home. 

Why Does Groundworks Use AquaStop WallSeal™?

Groundworks experts extensively research all products on the market. These experts need to know what’s available not only to catch the best products as they come out but also to notice when it’s important to stay away from something. AquaStop WallSeal™ is one of the best ways to ensure that you have an effective and waterproofed basement, and Groundworks knows that because of its extensive research.

  •   Using the Best Products

At Groundworks, it’s crucial to us that every product is the best product for the job. A Groundworks expert will only use the best possible products for everything so that you can be sure of the quality of the finished service. AquaStop WallSeal™ has proven to be the best product when it comes to basement vapor and moisture barriers, and that’s exactly why the Groundworks experts who specialize in basements will use AquaStop WallSeal™.

Unlike some hardware store brands and generic liners, WallSeal™ liners are infused with mold-resistant materials. They are also thicker than cheaper alternatives and provide puncture and tear-resistant protection to ensure that you get the best possible results over the longest possible time. This is why we offer a longtime warranty on this product. 

  • Replacing Old Products

Ideally, everyone would get the best products the first time. Sadly, some people need to repair their home for a second time because their home has been outfitted with a faulty or poorly rated product. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to struggle with issues that include a basement vapor barrier that doesn’t work properly. AquaStop WallSeal™ can replace your current vapor barrier with a much better and more effective barrier overall.

We offer this because we want to be certain that our vapor barrier is the last you will need for years to come. In making sure that we give our customers a better service and experience than the last contractor they dealt with, we do our part to restore trust in the industry. Our range of high-quality products is cost-effective and durable.

  • Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

We know that it takes more than skill to ensure success in this business. We take a customer-centered approach to all repairs because we know that our reputation is only as good as our last job. By only using the best products and installing them appropriately, Groundworks can ensure that all clients have peace of mind when it comes to their basements. If you’re looking for that same peace of mind, opt for AquaStop WallSeal™ from Groundworks.

Signs That Your Basement Needs a Vapor Barrier

Knowing when to take action is crucial in protecting your home from water damage of all sorts. Being able to identify the early stages of water leaking into your basement will allow you to resolve the problem before it grows. This is certainly a more ideal and less costly scenario.

Here are signs you can monitor that will identify the need for action. 

  • Efflorescence

At times, it can be difficult to spot the early signs of your basement having water issues. By the time many people are aware that their basement is leaking, the damage has been done. An early sign that water is seeping into your basement is efflorescence.

Efflorescence is a white powdery substance left behind as water dries. This isn’t a toxic substance, but it is unsightly. It can coat walls, objects, supports, and floors. Efflorescence will essentially tell you exactly where the water leak is as well, which can make it a useful tool for any inspector.

The white powder may become discolored over time by mold and mildew, which also means caution should be taken with cleaning it away. There are types of mold with toxic spores; black mold is one of them, and contact can disturb these particles.

  • Damp or Musty Smells 

A sign that water is persistently leaking into your basement is when damp or musty smells permeate the air. The presence of moisture in a basement will create a humid environment with a noticeable damp smell, somewhat like the heavy air after a summer rain. It won’t smell as fresh or pleasant, and it may also evolve into a musty scent. This comes from mold and mildew growths, which will quickly spawn in damp, dark places like basements.

A lack of drainage will also mean that any water that collects in the basement will remain there until evaporated or mopped up. Stagnant water can develop a pungent stink which is vastly unpleasant. These smells are also known for lingering in softer materials, like fabrics, which can mean any treasured items stored in the basement are vulnerable.

  • Structural Damage 

Water in the basement will eventually lead to structural damage, especially if the water is leaking inside through cracks or faulty window wells. Leaving these openings unattended will result in the damage growing. Spotting this damage early on is key to efficiently getting on top of the issue. Cracks may start small, but soon they will spread out into a greater seam.

Cracks can appear in the walls and floor. Depending on the material of your basement walls, the cracks may appear in the mortar between bricks or concrete slabs. We recommend conducting yearly inspections of your basement for any cracks in the floor and walls.

AquaStop WallSeal™ vapor barrier liners are made exactly for these scenarios. By forming a wall between the water’s entry point and your wall lining, barrier liners protect the interior from moisture.

  • Puddles and Damp Patches

Puddles and damp patches are a sign that water is somehow getting into your basement. Damp patches are an early sign that moisture is weeping through cracks in the floor or walls. Spots of dampness may also be a sign that there was a greater puddle of water that has since evaporated. Without careful monitoring throughout the day, it can be difficult to measure the scale of the leakage before identifying the source.

We would recommend booking a free inspection with a local expert if you are finding persistent damp patches in your basement.

  • Mold and Wood Rot

Mold, mildew, and wood rot thrive in damp, dark environments. A leaky basement is their ideal home. Finding evidence of any of these organisms is an indicator of a persistent leak causing semi-steady humidity levels. The presence of wood rot, in particular, is cause for concern. This is a fungus, and unlike mold, it will eat away at wooden structures, eventually leading to compromised wooden supports.

  • Increased Pest Activity

Pests, like cockroaches and rodents, actively seek out reliable sources of water. Water in your basement will draw these pests to your home, which will result in even more problems to solve. An increase in pest activity can be seen not only through pest sightings but also in finding evidence of their presence. This could include droppings, molted shells, and pungent odors.

Waterproofing Your Basement: The Next Step

Waterproofing your basement is not a duty to delay. It’s important to get in contact with a basement waterproofing expert so you can learn the best solutions for protecting your home from water damage. AquaStop WallSeal™ could be exactly what your home needs to stay in peak shape for several more decades. We offer a free estimate for waterproofing solutions with each home inspection appointment.

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