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PolyRenewal Injection

Stabilize your driveway with PolyRenewal™. This durable polymer repairs weak concrete instability, restoring it to its original state.

Have you ever noticed sections of your driveway or the sidewalk outside your home becoming cracked? Perhaps these cracks have gotten so bad that sections of the concrete have started to sink into the ground. If concrete on your property looks damaged in any way, PolyRenewal™ can fix the problem and lift concrete back in place.

How PolyRenewal™ Works

PolyRenewal™ should only be handled by trained professionals, as it requires specific tools and knowledge to be installed properly. Here’s what you can expect on installation day if you choose to use PolyRenewal™. 

Crew drilling through sidewalk

Holes are Drilled

The first step in the PolyRenewal™ installation process is for our team to drill penny-sized holes in your concrete. These tiny holes are where the polyurethane foam will be injected. Don’t worry, at the end of the installation process, these holes are filled again and become virtually invisible. 

Insert Injection Ports

After the small holes are drilled into your concrete, our installation crew will prepare the mechanical injection ports that aid in the transport of polyurethane underneath your concrete. Once the ports are lined up, the injection process can begin.

Why you should invest in polyrenewal injections

Injection Begins

Next is the actual injection process. PolyRenewal™ fills any voids between your concrete and the soil below it. This material also hardens quickly so you can begin using your driveway or sidewalk the same day as the installation. Injection is a mess-free process, and your concrete is lifted back to its original position in no time. 

Seal and Smooth Injection Points

As mentioned before, the small holes drilled into your concrete are filled and smoothed out. Once the process is complete, these holes are essentially invisible, and your concrete is back to its original position with extra support that won’t be affected by weak soil. 

Why PolyRenewal™ is a Better Solution

  • PolyRenewal™ in just 15 minutes, which means you can start using your driveway or sidewalk the same day as the installation with no hassle. Other forms of concrete lifting take longer to cure and return the concrete to fully functional. 
  • PolyRenewal™ is waterproof and protected from weather patterns which means it won’t be washed away or dry out like soil. You can be sure your concrete is safely protected even in the worst of conditions.
  • PolyRenewal™ is environmentally friendly. The polymer material doesn’t release harmful chemicals into your yard or water supply, so you can feel safe knowing it won’t have a negative environmental impact. 

Signs Your Home Needs PolyRenewal™ Injection

Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete is the easiest sign of concrete damage to identify. Any cracks running along your concrete structures indicate that some sort of damage has occurred. Even small cracks can indicate a larger problem at hand. Don’t let cracks turn into a larger issue.

Dry Soil

Dry soil is a major problem for homeowners in Colorado due to the state’s dry environment. When soil gets too dry, it shrinks in volume and becomes brittle. This weakened soil cannot properly support the weight of concrete, and your driveway or sidewalk will sink into the ground. Look for cracked soil or brittle soil particles in your yard.

Uneven Concrete

When concrete cracks, it also becomes uneven. Have you ever driven over your driveway only to find your car bumping over both jutting and sinking sections of concrete? If that’s the case, PolyRenewal™ can even everything out and prevent this problem. Not to mention, uneven concrete could damage your vehicle or cause loved ones to trip and fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cracks may be present on your concrete, but maybe you need extra confirmation that your concrete has become damaged. If you want a fairly simple way to tell if your concrete has become uneven, all you have to do is wait for rain. Typically, water will drain quickly from concrete through specially designed sections built into the concrete. However, even a bit of unevenness can cause water to pool on your sidewalk or driveway. If you notice puddles of water sticking around a day or two after a storm, then your concrete has likely become uneven.

Maybe you’ve considered mudjacking as a solution for your cracked concrete. While this method was used in the past, it has become outdated and proven ineffective. Since cracked concrete is caused by weak soil, filling any void spaces with mud only leads to the same cycle. When the mud dries, it essentially turns into soil. If weather conditions are causing dryness or washout, the newly placed mud will experience the same problems and the concrete cracking cycle will begin all over again. Plus, mudjacking is a messy process and takes a long time to dry – sometimes taking up to two days before your concrete becomes functional again.

PolyRenewal™ is a permanent solution to concrete problems. We guarantee that the product will last for years to come. However, regular maintenance and inspections never hurt. Our team can provide regular inspections to make sure your polyurethane injection is still functioning effectively and provide you with extra security regarding any concrete issues.

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Concrete problems are no fun for anyone. They can lower your home’s curb appeal, become tripping hazards, and lead to future foundation damage. Our experts are happy to inspect your home and identify the root cause of your concrete issues at no cost to you. 

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