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Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Moisture seeping into your crawl space can prove to cause plenty of damage to your home. How can a crawl space dehumidifier help?

Dehumidifier in healthy crawl space

The Crawl Space Dehumidifiers: The Best Crawl Space Solution

Humidity and moisture inside your crawl space can cause a lot of damage, but installing the AquaStop Air System can help. It’s a dehumidifier, which is a home appliance that removes excess moisture from the air in your crawl space.

So, why would you need one? Let’s learn more about dehumidifiers, and how they can benefit you and your crawl space.

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  • Keeps Air Filtered and Clean

A good crawl space dehumidifier will constantly work to ensure this space remains clean and dry. Any moisture or humidity that seeps in will be removed, preventing standing water or mold from taking root. The dehumidifier can also improve the overall quality of the air circulating throughout your home. 

  • Withstands Severe Weather

A reliable dehumidifier will not give out in the summer nor will it malfunction in the middle of a storm. When connected to a sump pump system like the AquaStop sump pump, it can keep your crawl space completely and permanently dry.

  • Saves You Money 

Our dehumidifiers are energy-efficient, often meeting or even exceeding ENERGY STAR® efficiency requirements. Because humidity can also adversely affect insulation, a dry crawl space can lower your electric and heating bills by 15 to 25 percent. 

  • Self-Activating

Perhaps one of the best features of a good dehumidifier system is its self-activation. You do not need to squeeze into your crawl space every time a bad storm threatens your home just to turn it on.

This dehumidifier will be connected to a waterproofing system such as a sump to drain away excess water that might flood in. On its own, however, the dehumidifier can remove approximately 100 pints of water out of your crawl space per day! 

  • Drainage System

The dehumidifier can self-drain, so you will not have to worry about fitting into your crawl space to empty it any time it is the least bit humid out.

Crawl space experts may also install an AquaStop CrawlDrain™ to catch any excess the dehumidifier is not able to contain. It is then redirected to your pump system to drain away in a more appropriate drainage point. 

Once the dehumidifier and drainage system is installed, the last step is to seal off your crawl space to moisture. A crawl space expert will typically place airtight vent covers outside to seal it off. This encapsulates the space so that no moisture can enter.

They may also install a CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier and rigid ExtremeBloc™ insulation panels to further insulate and protect your crawl space.

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Hiring the Crawl Space Experts

Moisture seeping through to your crawl space can pose many costly issues. You need to keep this area as dry as possible to protect your home’s most important systems.

Installing a reliable dehumidifier system in your crawl space can be a huge help. However, you should not attempt to install such a complex system by yourself. A crawl space expert will have the right tools and know-how to install this system for you!

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