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What is a French Drain?

Keep your basement dry with the French drain!

One of the most commonly heard waterproofing drainage systems is the French drain. Often mistaken as a product that originated in France, its name truly comes from the American who developed it. Henry Flagg French, a lawyer who had an interest in agriculture, designed a drain that could efficiently clear both fields and homes of excess water. In today’s industry, there are many different types of French drains, each focused on resolving a unique issue and challenge. With Peak Structural’s collection of patented waterproofing products, your home will be kept dry with the most reliable drainage system on the market, The BasementGutter™ basement waterproofing system.

The unique and efficient characteristics of our French drain

When the amount of water in the soil, your home is built on increases, the amount of pressure on the basement walls do as well. Consequently, flooding in your basement will occur with even the smallest leak, which leads to possible damage to the home itself.

The French drain we offer, The BasementGutter™ drainage system, provides a reliable and efficient way to keep your basement permanently dry. One of the biggest and most commonly heard concerns when having a waterproofing system installed in a home is the clogging of the drain itself. With the BasementGutter’s unique characteristic of clog-free drainage, this will no longer be a concern to the homeowner. Due to the product being installed above the footer, but below the slab, the BasementGutter™ does not rest directly on dirt or soil, making it nearly impossible for debris to find its way into the drain and create blockage. This product is the top choice to ensure that your basement stays dry and any flooding in the basement is avoided.  Contact us now to schedule a consultation.