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Waterproofing a Leaking Older Home in Finleyville, PA

Keeping a safe and healthy living environment free of mold can be a challenge for owners of homes old and new. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn how old stone homes can be waterproofed and protected.

Having a wet, moldy basement always is a concern for homeowners. This can happen in houses new and old, and it can negatively impact the health, safety, and structural integrity of the home. Mold, especially, can be hazardous to the health of anyone living in the home whether or not they are sensitive to the growth, have preexisting health issues, or are in general good health.

When a homeowner in the greater Pittsburgh area spotted some water in her basement and dark spots that could be potential mold, she wanted to address these issues sooner rather than later. But she was unsure how to nip these problems in the bud, as her house is an older property with stone or fieldstone foundation walls.

Stone or fieldstone foundation walls are common in homes built more than 100 years ago. And with a long history, Pittsburgh has many older homes with these types of foundations. It may be difficult for homeowners to properly care for these older structures and the materials they were built from, but it doesn’t have to be. Many homeowners opt for DIY solutions, but these measures like paints or sealants are often temporary at best and will not get to the root of the problem. The best solution is to reach out to local basement waterproofing professionals for assistance and tailored repairs.

The homeowner decided to get multiple repair quotes from various companies including Baker’s Waterproofing. After a thorough inspection of her home, we were able to provide her with a free estimate for recommended work that would address the water leaking through her 100-year-old basement walls. She was pleased with this solution, and she was eager for us to help her create a safe, dry, and healthy living environment.

Meeting the Homeowner

It’s easy to fall in love with older, charming homes. About one year after purchasing a house in Finleyville, PA, located 15 miles south of Pittsburgh, the homeowner noticed the unfinished basement had a wet floor and wet walls. The water seemed to come inside through the front and sides of the basement when it rained, resulting in less than one inch of water in the basement. This water caused problems with storage, and the owner was worried about potential mold growth because of the water intrusion. The homeowner plans to live in the house for many years, so having a safe and healthy place to live was a must for her.The owner wanted to get the basement waterproofing work done as soon as possible to avoid any further damage and unsafe or unhealthy living conditions. The cost of the repairs, warranties covering the products and repairs, and keeping the basement permanently dry all were important considerations for the homeowner. She was able to check all these boxes and then some with the help of Baker’s Waterproofing.

Initial Inspection

During the free inspection appointment with an expert from our company, our inspector also noticed evidence of water intrusion, efflorescence, and possible mold on the stone walls. The inspector educated the homeowner on how we handle basement waterproofing with our customizable solutions, and how this process would be effective for her home’s stone or fieldstone foundation walls. 

The greater Pittsburgh area is no stranger to wet weather, as it generally gets an average of 38 inches of rain per year. This makes having a dry basement even more important. We at Baker’s Waterproofing have helped many homeowners repair and waterproof their homes, including old homes with stone or fieldstone foundation walls.

Properly addressing leaking stone or fieldstone walls can be a challenge, but our team has more than 45 years of experience of waterproofing homes throughout greater Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania, and northern West Virginia.

The homeowner was eager to proceed with the work, and one of our crews was able to complete the project in three days.

Repairing the Damage

Whether a home’s basement is finished or unfinished, it is important to have reliable waterproofing measures in place. This ensures this space, as well as the rest of the home, will be safe and healthy. To do this our team addressed the Finleyville homeowner’s 100-year-old basement with several solutions.

Our crew installed the AquaStop BasementGutter™ interior drainage system that will capture leaking water through walls. Since it is made from rugged plastic construction, the homeowner won’t have to worry about corrosion or decay. Our crew was able to quickly get the job done since the BasementGutter™ is faster, easier, and less expensive to install than many exterior drainage systems. A section of grated drainage also was placed in the floor in front of the walk-out access door.

The water collected by the interior drainage system is then channeled to a sump pump that will pump this water out of and away from the home.

The WallSeal™ wall vapor barrier was used to cover the 100-year-old basement walls made of stone. This product comes with many benefits, since it is 100% waterproof, durable, and has anti-microbial protection.

Our crew also installed an exterior buried discharge line that will lead the excess water away from the home’s foundation. To prevent potential problems, we also used a FreezeGuard™ exterior attachment that will allow water from the sump pump to continue to drain outside in case the sump pump discharge lines freeze or become clogged. We also connected a special Yardwell™ outlet to the end of the buried line. It camouflages the end of the pipe and minimizes visible extrusions.

Finally, our crew installed a dehumidifier that will control the levels of humidity in the basement and turn it into a functional space the homeowner will be able to confidently use for storage. The whole project was completed in three days and passed all inspections.

Having a basement can be a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it. You need to make sure that it is protected from water damage, pests, and anything else that could harm it. If you have noticed that something is wrong with your 100-year-old basement or stone foundation walls, contact the professionals at Baker’s Waterproofing to schedule a free inspection and repair quote.

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