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6 Finished Basement Home Gyms to Inspire Your Renovation

Are you thinking of turning your basement into a home gym? These seven workout spaces give us #basementgoals. Learn the top renovation tips to building a basement gym.

Graphic weights for basement into home gym

Since the pandemic began, there has been a home renovation boom. Fitness equipment sales more than doubled between March and October, and many homeowners have discovered that their basement is the perfect location for a home gym. 

The seven home gyms give us #basementgoals. Which fitness space would you like to have in your home?

Basement for Cardio, HIIT, and Circuit Training

We transformed this basement into fully-functional #home #gym complete with wall art

Originally tweeted by motive8 Ltd (@m8group) on July 22, 2016.

You’d never guess that this brightly lit home gym is in a basement. The workout equipment includes a rowing machine, free weights, and bike. The crisp white walls and wooden floors give the space an airy feel, and the wall painting adds excitement and interest. 

Home Improvement Tip: Deal with basement moisture and humidity. 

Unmaintained basements are already damp, and if you plan to sweat in a basement home gym, it can quickly become a breeding ground for mold and fungus. When renovating your basement, start with a free inspection from a basement pro to ask about waterproofing to manage moisture and dehumidification to improve air quality. No one wants their home to smell like a locker room.

Ultimate Basement Gym for a Weightlifting Strongman

Attribution:  Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall – YouTube

Strongman Eddie Hall transformed the basement in his new house into the ultimate home gym. In the video, he explains that when he moved in, the basement was a damp room with moldy walls and bad carpeting. Now, there’s a full weightlifting kit, boxing room, cardio equipment, and swanky recovery gear. 

Home Gym Tip: Protect your basement floors.

If you’re deadlifting, dropping your rack can crack the cement floor of your basement. Even if you’re not lifting as much as Eddie Hall, repeatedly dropping weights can cause damage. In the worst-case scenario, you could see foundation damage, but even smaller cracks and craters can become a tripping hazard. 

Basement Cycling Room

Attribution: RoguePlanetMike – Reddit

Forget having a man cave; this homeowner has a “pain cave” that’s dedicated to intense cycling workouts. After seeing the nice setup, one commenter replied, “Get yourself a sweat catcher, son.”

Home Gym Tip: Add media gear to your workout space.

A full-screen projector is a fantastic addition to a cycling room, but all home gyms need a dedicated media set up. Add some speakers to play motivational music, or install a TV so you watch fitness training videos or stream shows while you do your reps. 

Finished Basement for Yoga, Pilates, and Barre

This basement dance room is stylish enough to be a part of the home’s main living area. The wall mirrors, ballet barre, and the open wood floor make it perfect for any workout routine. The conversation corner adds elegance with a mod sofa and golden light fixture. 

Home Gym Tip: Use baseboard heat or radiant floors. 

Basement floors can be naturally cool. For yoga, dance, and other barefoot workouts, make sure there’s a heat source along the floor so your feet stay warm and comfortable. If you want to set up your space for hot yoga, you’ll need an additional infrared heat system that can achieve high temperatures. 

Basement Aerial Arts and Pole Fitness Studio

Attribution: acrocrystal – Instagram

This basement pole fitness studio is a fresh space with black walls, white trim, and a strand of decorative lights. Having a dedicated space is ideal, but when J. Lo was training for her role in Hustlers, she didn’t set up a dedicated home gym. Instead, she just installed the pole in her living room.

Home Gym Tip: Keep your home’s structural strength in mind. 

When installing equipment for aerial arts, pole dancing, or boxing, it’s important to use your home’s structural anchor points that will keep you safe and prevent home damage. Basements have an advantage for this because the strength that’s holding up the first floor of the home can be used to install your basement gear. 

Basement Basketball Court

Attribution: Matthew Stallone – YouTube

The video of this basketball court has a stunning reveal. A basement poker room opens up with a balcony view overlooking a two-story basement basketball court. The gray and charcoal-colored walls surround two hoops and scoreboard for a professional-feeling court.

Home Gym Tip: Maximize the height of your basement.

No matter how high the ceilings are in your basement, you can make the most of it by having an exposed basement ceiling. This can help the room feel more spacious, give you room for overhead lights, and add to an industrial look.

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