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9 Best NBA-Themed Basements and Fan Caves

What are the best basketball fan caves? Check out these NBA-themed basements to get inspired with ideas for your own fan cave.

Basketball hoop.

Basketball may be a sport that caters to the tall, but for NBA fans, the best spot in the house may be underground. In this collection of the best NBA fan caves and basements, we’ll cover a range of below-ground spaces, including comfortable TV rooms, swanky at-home bars, memorabilia collections, and basement lounges. 

Which NBA-themed basement would you like to hang out in?

1. Chicago Bulls Fan Cave Basement

New FO, new coach and last but not least, man cave finally COMPLETE! I’m so pumped, bring on the new season already @chicagobulls !! @Bulls_Peck you dig the Joakim tribute? 😉

Originally tweeted by Alex (@alex_h_hoops) on October 1, 2020.

This Chicago Bulls fan has set up the perfect fan cave in his basement. The walls are painted charcoal, and they’re decorated with framed jerseys, photos, and a Bulls wall decal. The space feels bright and welcoming because of the recessed lighting, white trim, and tan carpeting. There are a couple of recliners and a big-screen television, and the mini-fridge nook gives easy access to drinks and snacks. 

2. Magic Johnson’s Basement Trophy Room

Attribution: NBA on ESPN – Facebook

Legendary NBA player Magic Johnson keeps his most prized positions in his basement. His basement trophy room displays his five World Championship rings, mementos of his record achievements, Sports Illustrated covers, and more

When the basketball legend has famous guests visit, he takes them downstairs. Oprah did a video tour of Magic’s basement, and even President Obama came to visit the basement. The basement is clearly Johnson’s happy place because he dances his way through the trophy room during Pharrell’s “24 Hours of Happy.”

3. Knicks Fan Cave

Attribution: @KnicksFanTv – Twitter

The owner of this fan cave has been a season ticket holder for 30+ years. A KnicksFanTV episode shows off the epic collection of memorabilia including jerseys, signed collectibles, and rare pieces of history. Orange and blue shelving surrounds a TV area for watching games. He even has wooden stadium seats that were in the original Madison Square Garden in 1925.

4. Basement Basketball Court

Attribution: Home Court Advantage – Facebook

This Chicago-area basement was renovated with the homeowner’s three sons in mind. It was partitioned into areas for a television, foosball table, and home basketball court. Being able to play hoops in the basement was especially exciting for the teens who could barely wait the 36 hours for the paint to dry. 

As basement waterproofing experts, we’ve seen what a flood can do to a basketball court. After looking at those warped floors, any homeowner with a sump pump will be glad they took steps to prevent flood damage. 

5. Lakers Fan Cave

Ready for the season opener! LETS GO LAKERS! Number 17? Here we come! #Lakers #lakeshow

@KingJames @QCook323 @JaredDudley619 @Kostas_ante13 @ACFresh21 @RajonRondo @D12 @JaValeMcGee @troydaniels @DGreen_14 @kylekuzma

Originally tweeted by JFernandez (@lakeshow81) on October 23, 2019.

This Los Angeles Lakers fan cave shows off the owner’s decades-long love for the team. The purple walls have a giant team logo decal, and the display of basketballs includes one signed by Jerry West. There’s a pool table and big screen TV, and when you’re watching the games, the family’s Jack Russell Terrier named Kobe will probably join you.

6. LeBron’s Luxe Basement

LeBron James just bought a Mediterranean-style compound in the Beverly Hills area for $36.75 million. The 2.5-acre property, whose main house is 9,100 square feet, includes two guesthouses, a screening room, swimming pool and tennis court. By @jflem94:

Originally tweeted by Daniel Miller (@DanielNMiller) on September 30, 2020.

Last year, LeBron James bought a 9,100-square-foot estate in Beverly Hills. Even though it’s a luxury mansion, we think the basement is the best part of the house. It was previously owned by the co-creator of The Young and the Restless, and the basement has a screening room with a projector screen, wood-burning fireplace, and soundproofing. There’s also a lounge for wine tasting and cigars. The home’s wine cellar can hold 1,500 bottles. The Old Hollywood style of the basement reflects the previous owner’s tastes, and we’re interested to see how LeBron changes the decor. 

Lebron isn’t the only NBA star with an at-home movie theater. Shaq also has one in the 31,000-square-foot mansion he’s selling. The Florida house is right on the water, so there’s no basement, but there is a 6,000-square-foot indoor basketball court. 

7. A Basement Filled With Thousands of Air Jordans

Attribution: ConnorTV – YouTube

This basement shows off the legendary NBA shoe Air Jordans. In an otherwise unassuming house, the basement has more than 1,000 Air Jordans, a $500,000 sneaker collection that’s one of the largest ever. The wall-to-wall plastic storage units organize everything starting with Jordan 1s and going forward through sneaker history. 

8. Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Cave

Attribution: Fan Cave Authority – Twitter

This fan basement made our list of the best Cleveland Cavaliers fan caves. Centered around the team logo on the floor, there’s a hat collection on display and memorabilia displayed on the walls that are painted with the team’s colors.

9. Basement Lounge in Denver Nugget Player’s Home

Attribution: PUMA – YouTube

Michael Porter Jr. was just 21 years old when he showed off the Denver home that he shares with his two siblings. One of the highlights was a TV room in the basement where he plays NBA 2K. 

It wasn’t the basement design that got this property named to our list of the best Denver Nuggets fan caves. Instead, it was because Porter clearly enjoys hanging out in the basement. As his sister explains, “Now that we have more space, I don’t have to listen to them screaming during video games all the time.”

Essential Before Creating Your Sports Fan Cave

If you’re considering building your own sports fan cave, an essential first step is to waterproof your space before you begin the finishing touches. This precaution is especially crucial if your fan cave is in the basement, a common choice for its privacy and ample space.

Waterproofing is vital to protect your investment from potential water damage, which can be disastrous for electronics like TVs, sound systems, and gaming consoles, all staples in a sports fan cave. Moisture can also ruin memorabilia, furniture, and flooring, not to mention the risk of mold and mildew growth, which can pose health risks and emit unpleasant odors.

By waterproofing your basement, you ensure that your sports fan cave remains a dry, comfortable, and safe haven for you to enjoy watching games, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing. It’s a step that safeguards your space from moisture-related issues, ensuring that your fan cave remains the ultimate retreat for sports enthusiasts.

Do you wish your basement looked more like one of these fan caves? Learn how the basement and foundation repair experts at Groundworks can help you upgrade your home so you will have a dry and comfortable space to watch your favorite NBA team.