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10 Best Basement Wine Cellars

Here are our top picks for the best basement wine cellars. This type of project can enhance entertainment for your guests and family. Plus, it will increase your home's market value.

Best Wine Cellar Basements Graphic

At the end of a long workday, even if you’re working from home, it’s nice to head down to the wine cellar and open a bottle from your collection. That collection can be 1,000+ or a dozen. It’s whatever fits you, your home, and your budget.

A basement is a perfect place for your wine cellar. It protects from damaging sunlight and the temperature along with humidity can be readily controlled. 

Here are our top 10 picks for basement wine cellars.

Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

Attribution: The Cleary Company – YouTube 

This is an extensive basement remodeling project ending with an incredible wine cellar and tasting room. It offers impressive wine storage, and the stone walls, flooring, and wooden wine racks really add to the atmosphere.

Basement Wine Wall Renovation

Attribution: Cityline – YouTube

This full basement renovation includes a fabulous wine wall along with gathering areas for friends and family. This is a wonderful example of maximizing your basement space not only to build a quiet space for you and your family but to also welcome your guests.

Couple Builds Wine Cellar in Basement During Lockdown

Attribution: LADbible Australia – Facebook 

This is a stupendous basement finishing project undertaken during the pandemic lockdown. It includes all the trappings of a complete wine shop. This is one very large basement.

Custom Basement Wine Cellar

Attribution: Sebring Design Build – Facebook 

This is a superb example of a small basement wine cellar with rich grain wood, excellent antique lighting, and a wine barrel table for tasting. It also makes excellent use of the space available in the basement.

Basement Private Bar and Wine Cellar Tour

Attribution: theaterdesignco – YouTube 

Impressive lighting options including asking Alexa to turn on special light arrangements. Not only is there a wine collection but model cars, vintage racing posters, race driver helmets, and a window view into the garage. This reminds us of our article Top 10 NFL Inspired Basements and Man Caves. The theme here is motor racing.

Trap Door Wine Cellar

Attribution: Tile 615 – YouTube 

This one features impressive hidden trap door access to the basement wine cellar—easy in and out with secure storage at just the right temperature and lighting. This should suit those dedicated to keeping the wine cellar out of the way but with very easy access.

COVID Project Basement Wine Cellar and Study

Attribution: Meerkat_Mayhem – Reddit 

In keeping with the theme of optimizing the basement space you have, here’s a great project that adds both a wine cellar and study. Wine cellars don’t have to be big to provide a welcome refuge from the labors of the day.

Basement Construction Wine Cellar

Attribution: Underpin & Makegood – Twitter

As you well know, there are many, many uses for a basement, including home theater, exercise room, and as shown here, a superb wine cellar. We love the stone floor and all the beautiful wood, and the chairs look very inviting.

Modern Look Stainless Steel Wine Cellar

Attribution: Broadoak Basements – Twitter 

The look and feel of wood and stone have been big themes among our best basement wine cellars. But there is a great deal to be said for modern stainless steel options. This one is also very compact and could be just the thing for your home’s basement and style.

Basement Wine Cellar

Attribution: skettiwarrior – Reddit 

We’ll finish our list of best basement wine cellars with this richly appointed wine cellar with light-grained wood finish along with multiple wine racks and a peninsula. Note the gorgeous access through the glass doors. They invite you into this wonder room.

Inspiring Examples for Your Basement

Hopefully, our picks have provided inspiration for your basement. There are so many uses for all that space. Plus, any finishing to your basement can not only add wonderful spaces for your family but also add to your home’s market value.

The first step in any project is to ensure your basement is waterproof. Complete waterproofing systems begin with interior drainage, sump pumps, and dehumidifiers. These are also exactly the things needed for your wine cellar.

The best place to start your basement project is with a free inspection from your local basement waterproofing and foundation repair experts