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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Foundation repair is a costly, but essential service you should invest in to protect the future of your home. Catching a problem early can save you a lot of stress and money.

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While foundation repair can be costly, it is a necessary service that should be performed to protect your home from instability. Ignoring signs of foundation damage can end up costing you much more as the problem worsens over time. The cost of foundation repair depends on the extent of damage and the size of your foundation. Moreover, the type of foundation you have – either a basement, crawl space, or slab foundation – also affects the repairs these foundations need, which might not cost the same.  

At Groundworks, we offer a variety of solutions to fix your faulty or sunken foundation. Each foundation repair is unique, so the cost varies greatly. The following issues come into play when determining the true cost of your foundation repair: 

  • The number of walls that are experiencing damage, such as wall cracks and drywall nail pops 
  • The specific areas where your floor is beginning to slope 
  • The amount of distance between cracks in your home’s foundation 

What is the Average Cost of Foundation Repair? 

Because of the wide range of foundation damage that can occur, it’s difficult to pinpoint a single price when discussing general foundation repair. Also, depending on the weather and soil conditions in your area, you may require more elaborate and expensive solutions to properly stabilize your home’s foundation.  For example, homeowners in Columbia, SC, spent around $7,750 on repairs, while homeowners in Nashville, TN, spent around $25,000 on repairs. In Birmingham, AL, homeowners spent close to $35,000. To prevent expensive repairs, take note of any changes around your home’s foundation, and make sure any damage is handled promptly. 

Common Signs of Foundation Damage 

Catch foundation damage before it becomes too costly. If you know more what to look for, foundation problems can be identified and taken care of early on. The following issues are common signs that your foundation needs repair:

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Why You Should Invest in Foundation Repair Early

Foundation repair can become much more costly the longer it is left to continue. While a crack in your drywall may seem innocent, it is a sign that your foundation is undergoing negative changes, such as settling into the ground around your home. Some settlement is to be expected; however, when the settlement is causing major structural changes, that is when repair should occur.  

We’ve seen homeowners who started out with a minor foundation issue they believed they could ignore. However, this eventually turned into a much larger problem, which put their home at risk of structural failure. Additionally, as many as 54 percent of homeowners are unprepared to cover the cost of expensive home repairs. Don’t wait to contact a professional when it comes to your foundation. A $2,000 problem today can become a $20,000 issue within a few years.  

Look to Groundworks for Foundation Repair

At Groundworks, our team of trusted industry experts is knowledgeable about foundation damage and what it takes to repair these issues. Our innovative solutions range from simple to complex, and our team will never pull away from a job. For foundation settlement, we may install helical piers, push piers, or other systems to lift and support. Basement wall reinforcements strengthen your vulnerable basement walls, enabling them to hold firm against hydrostatic pressure. Crawl space support systems eliminate sagging floors above the space. These are just a few of the foundation repair solutions we offer. 

If you’ve noticed signs of foundation damage, contact your local Groundworks company. We provide warranty-backed solutions that are proven to work. If you’re unsure if you need foundation repair, then contact us to schedule a FREE, no-obligation inspection. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your property and provide you with the most effective solution.