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Living in a Monster House

Mold eats away at your home, and little Stacy George finds this out the hard way on the night before Halloween. Learn how crawl space damage causes a fright and could destroy your home if left unchecked…

Little Stacy George was leaving her bedroom as quietly as she could. She held on tightly to the doorknob and opened her door slowly while she snuck into the hallway. She was careful not to let it squeak behind her as it closed. Wearing her comfiest socks and walking lightly on her toes, she started down the big hallway with wooden floors. 

Her big brother Billy’s room was a few feet down the hall. She knew if her steps woke him up, he’d tell their mom and dad that Stacy was doing it again. You see, Halloween was approaching, and Stacy loved going for a midnight snack when this time of year rolled around. Her parents always bought bags and bags of chocolate, gummies, or candy corn.  

Little girl walking in monster mold house

They always tried to hide the candy bags in different places until Halloween night, but Stacy always found the BeTwixt bars (her favorite). This year, she knew they were behind the jar of pretzels and hidden underneath the rice bag on the bottom shelf of the pantry. Easily getting past her brother’s room, she trudged on with full confidence toward the chocolate waiting for her.  

There was one more room to get past – her parents.’ It was all the way at the end of the hall, right next to where the living room began. This part was always easy since the next room was so close. Normally, she would get closer to the wall on the other side of the hallway, across from their bedroom door, before quietly dashing into the open space of the living room.  

Stacy got up against the opposite wall, continuing to tiptoe down the hallway. She was almost there, and she could nearly taste the BeTwixt bar’s creamy milk chocolate and golden caramel mixed with the crunchy goodness of the shortbread cookie.  

 The threshold between the hallway and the living room was approaching. Her mouth began to water, and she picked up the pace, fantasizing about the wonderful – CREEAAK!  

Stacy stopped dead in her tracks. She felt the wooden floor slightly bend under her weight. That had never happened before. The noise echoed through the hallway; she heard a stirring from her parents’ bedroom. Stacy knew she wouldn’t have time to get all the way back to her room if her parents’ door opened, so as if by instinct, she darted into the living room and used her socks to slide behind the couch.  

For what felt like an eternity, Stacy waited to hear her parents’ door open, but to her surprise, no one came out searching. She felt relieved, which was suddenly replaced by excitement. Right behind her now was the kitchen and she could see the pantry door just waiting to be opened.  

Without hesitation, Stacy stood up, trying her best to move quieter than before. She went to take her first step toward the kitch – CREEEEEAAAAK! She wobbled, almost falling backward before she caught herself. Once her stance was steady, Stacy looked around her. Her couch seemed to be leaning back ever so slightly.  

So did the coffee table, the TV stand, and the bookshelf. All of it was leaning a bit backward. Looking down, she saw the floor was bending and sagging like a mattress does when books are on it. She’d never seen the living room like this before.  

Stacy had to keep moving; she was so close to the kitchen. With each step, the floor squeaked an awful sound. That’s when the smell hit her nose. It was a mix of musk, rot, and dampness, and it reminded Stacy of her cousin’s lake house in North Carolina.  

Girl seeing and smelling mold monster

Once, she’d seen fuzzy, green mold growing in one of the guest room closets at the lake house, and how it spread onto one of her dad’s shirts and her brother’s shoes. She shuddered at the thought of it, remembering how it stained everything a murky greenish brown. 

Stacy shook off the thought quickly because the pantry was right in front of her. Behind those doors was the prize of the night – a crunchy, sticky, sweet BeTwixt bar all for herself. She reached out to grab the door handle, and as she opened the pantry, she was hit by an even worse wave of smells than before. This time, it smelled rottener than anything, and the mustiness of it nearly made Stacy faint. Holding her nose, she peered into the pantry.  

It was like a wasteland of decay. Green mold covered everything. Walls, shelves, cereal boxes, paper plates were destroyed, and behind the ruined pretzels and the stained rice bag were the BeTwixt bars covered in mold.  

Stacy heard the floor groan in the living room. Oh no, her parents must have heard her walk into the kitchen! Maybe this was a good thing. There was no chance at eating the BeTwixt bars anyway, and she could simply tell her parents she smelled the mold growing in the kitchen. That way she’d avoid getting in trouble.  

She turned around to tell her parents the white lie, but there was no one standing in the living room. In fact, the house seemed quieter than ever. Nothing seemed to move or make a noise, not even the air conditioning. But that wasn’t what concerned Stacy, who was now frozen where she stood. The kitchen, living room, doors, counters, walls, and furniture were all covered in a thick layer of fuzzy, smelly, disgusting green mold.  

Little girl walking in mold infested home

The smell somehow became even more unbearable. From the living room came a deafening cracking sound, as if someone was stepping on a pile of sticks and causing them to splinter wildly. Without warning, the coffee table disappeared from sight, followed by the couch which tilted forward and then fell into an ever-growing hole in the floor.  

Then Stacy heard a noise that pierced right through her – a sloppy, drooly, chomping noise that came directly from the hole. She watched as a pair of yellow eyes emerged from the hole. Something about how slow and unhurried they moved made her shiver. 

The creature let out a low grumble that shook the house before rising even further from the hole. It took a step onto the hardwood with a putrid SPLAT! Stacy saw what looked like muck and mold dripping from the monster’s body. It took another step toward her, and layers of mold continued to cover the house, growing supernaturally quick.  

Stacy fell backward and felt the mold clinging to her legs as if it was absorbing her into the house itself. The monster ate chunks out of the walls and chomped on furniture as it sauntered closer to the kitchen. With each step, it left a residue of green, black, and brown mold. It was eating their home, and it roared while getting ever closer.  

The mold monster taking over the house

The mold monster was eating everything in sight. Stacy watched the TV stand rot away as the monster chewed on it. Then the grandfather clock became nonexistent, followed by the living room walls and finally the floor itself. Stacy started to scream when the mold monster finally stepped into the kitchen. Its body made the white tile a sickening shade of yellowish brown and it stared at Stacy.  

Lifting its arms up above its moldy head, the monster opened its mouth and came down upon Stacy. She closed her eyes, screaming, hoping her parents and brother would wake up and save her before it was too la–  

“BILLY!” Stacy heard the voice of her mother. She opened her eyes and saw Billy standing over her with his arms above his head, mouth wide open, and a flashlight under his chin, casting shadows on his face.  

“You stop scaring your sister right now, or you are NOT going trick-or-treating tomorrow!”  

Billy always had a way with scary stories. Stacy had gotten so immersed in his tale, she’d forgotten about the pillow fort they’d set up to watch scary movies and tell ghost stories. But Billy took it too far this time and Stacy was terrified.  

Kids in tent telling story

Mom told Billy to go to his room before making sure Stacy was okay. Stacy went to bed after laughing about how scared she’d gotten over a silly, made-up mold monster. Once the kids were in their rooms, Mom walked into the living room. The floor creaked ever so slightly. She sniffed the air and there was a faint musty odor coming from below.  

Dad came in from the kitchen. “You smell that too, huh?”  

“Yeah, weird. I smelled something the other day, but it’s gotten worse.”  

Dad shrugged. “Maybe we should call Groundworks. Get the crawl space inspected. I heard they’re the experts. Couldn’t hurt.”  

“That’s a good idea. We don’t want a mold monster eating the house.” Mom laughed. 

Stacy’s parents turned off the lights and organized the living room before heading to bed. Dad left a note on the kitchen counter:  

Call Groundworks about crawl space encapsulation. 

And all was well in little Stacy George’s house as Halloween night approached. But just below the floors of the home, mold really was sprouting; and it was spreading, and it was eating away at the very foundation of her home – almost like a monster.  

While you won’t ever deal with a mold monster, the reality of crawl space problem signs can still cause a fright! Many crawl spaces are unprotected from outdoor elements like humidity, rain, or snow – all of which transfer tons of moisture below your home. Over time, moisture in your crawl space leads to wood rot, pests, sagging floors, and mold (which really does eat away at your home by feeding on organic material like wood or carpet).  

Groundworks is the nation’s premier source for crawl space repair and encapsulation. With our world-class solutions, we keep your crawl space completely dry. We achieve this by installing vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, vent covers, crawl space drains, and more. We have local offices in 33 states, so contact us to schedule a free inspection and receive a free estimate on crawl space repair today. That way, you don’t have to deal with a real-life monster – crawl space damage.  

National Reputation, Local Expertise. Find your local Groundworks company.

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