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The Absolute Must-Knows About Crawl Space Repair

This is absolutely everything that you need to know when professionals come to your property to repair damage or install waterproofing measures in your crawl space.

Whether you have issues with mold and humidity as a result of exposed crawl space vents or serious structural damage to your walls or foundation, finding out that you need professional repairs is daunting. Many homeowners are unsure as to what exactly they should do while professionals are in their homes, what they may need to do to prepare, and what they can expect from the process as a whole.

What You Need to Do Before Repairs

When it comes to crawl space repair in your area, there are really only two things you need to do. First and foremost, you should book an inspection with a professional service. It may be tempting to try a DIY approach, but we recommend that you don’t. This is because of the complexity of assessing and diagnosing crawl space damage as well as the special tools that are often required to implement repair solutions.

Once your inspection is complete, there is really only one thing that you can do to help the team undertake repairs quickly and efficiently; clear personal belongings out of your crawl space. You should remove debris and clutter from the access points to your crawl space, and if you are using it as storage, remove as much as you can from the space. This will ensure that your team can get right to work (and prevent confusion when it comes to where your personal belongings should be moved).

What You Need to Know About Crawl Space Repair

When it comes down to the actual repairs, the details of the process will vary wildly depending on the nature of the damage. Foundation damage, for example, may require some excavation, while replacing damaged support beams inside a crawl space may not need any. Nonetheless, there are some things that are common to every set of repairs. Here’s what you need to know about crawl space repair.

Structural Repairs Always Come First

No matter what the condition of your crawl space and home is, structural repairs will always take priority. This is because they are intended to make your home safer and more stable, whereas cosmetic repairs are focused on making your home look better. So don’t worry if your crawl space or your home looks messy or unappealing as the progress of the repair continues; the cosmetic issues will be addressed once the house is safe and stable.

Crawl Space Repairs are Tailored

The reason we never recommend a DIY approach is that crawl space problems are notorious for unexpected complexities. Once a homeowner notices damage in a crawl space, it has generally been present for a while, which means there tend to be a variety of co-occurring issues and contributing factors. As such, crawl space repairs are often made up of a mixture of different solutions designed to address all underlying issues and factors.

Encapsulation is Always Recommended

If your property’s crawl space has not already been encapsulated, your repair team will suggest that you consider waterproofing. This is because water intrusion and dampness are some of the most damaging factors in a crawl space. By waterproofing your crawl space with interior drainage, a sump pump, and a vapor barrier, you will protect your home in the long run and prevent a recurrence of the issues that the repair team addressed in the first place.

Post-Repairs – What You Should Do

If you have hired a professional, reputable firm like a local Groundworks company, there should be very little that you have to do. Professionals will clean up after themselves and leave your home in a better condition than they found it. As such, all you have to do is replace any personal belongings you removed from your crawl space before the repair work started. In some extreme cases, you may need to check a repair solution at a later date, but if this is necessary, your repair team will talk with you about what you need to do.

In fact, once the crawl space repairs have been completed, all you really need to do is take good care of your home going forward and schedule regular maintenance appointments for your waterproofing appliances and products. This will prevent further issues from forming, ensure that warning signs are noticed early, and ensure that your property stays healthy and stable long into the future. Reach out to a local expert for a free quote so you can learn what comes next.

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