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Top 10 NHL Inspired Basements and Fan Caves

During this year’s hockey season, many more fans will be watching from home rather than heading to the stadium. But watching NHL games from home doesn’t have to be boring or without fanfare. We know that most people think a basement is the best place for a fan cave, but who has the best fan cave?

Below are the 10 best NHL-inspired basements built by hockey fans. While most are filled with memorabilia of the owner’s favorite team, there are a few basements where the owners wanted to get in on the action. Which is your favorite fan cave?

1. Boston Bruins Fan Cave

Attribution: MolsonMonster – Reddit

This Boston Bruins fan shows off his favorite team by surrounding a couple of recliners with Bruins gear.  Even the color of the wall paint was inspired by the team. The love of hockey runs through the family, but there are rivalries. The homeowner’s father and sons are both Habs fans supporting the Montreal Canadiens.

2. Edmonton Oilers Fan Cave

Attribution: Edmonton Oilers – Twitter

This stylish fan cave was added to a builder’s showhome before it went up for sale. The Coventry Homes Oilers Fan Cave uses the lower level of the 2,342-square-foot home to place a wraparound leather sofa next to a big-screen television. For game day, the bar with overflow seating is perfect for hosting friends and family.

3. NY Rangers Fan Cave

Attribution: MSG Networks – YouTube

John Matassa built what he calls Matassa Square Garden, a labor of love and a homage to his favorite team, the New York Rangers. As you can see in the basement video tour, the walls are filled with Rangers photos, newspaper clippings, and ticket stubs. This fan cave has become such a passion project that the owner plans to break down one of the walls to expand into the next room.

4. At-home Basement Hockey Rink

Gave the basement ministick rink a new coat of paint and I think I can finally say it’s complete! @nhl @NHLJets #GoJetsGo

Rather than watching the games, these fans of the Winnipeg Jets wanted to get in on the action, so they built a basement hockey rink. Owner Jeremy Harder told CTV News that he had the idea when he moved into a house that had an unfinished basement. The project would be something he could work on with his sons. “I didn’t expect to go this far, but when I do something, sometimes I like to go overboard,” said Harder. “A lot of husbands are now begging their wives to do the same thing.”

5. Detroit Red Wings Fan Cave

Attribution: Detroit Red Wings – Facebook

The TV room of Michigan resident Thomas Martz was selected as a Bud Light Fan Cave of the Week by the Detroit Red Wings. With team jerseys, blankets, photos, and home decor, this fan cave is the perfect spot for game day. 

6. Chicago Blackhawks Fan Cave

Attribution: Helemanu Wallace – Twitter

This Chicago Blackhawks fan cave feels like an at-home sports bar. The brightly painted walls are decorated with neon signs, memorabilia, a signed jersey, and a team mural. There are even Blackhawks logos on the light fixture. To make it even better, the owner watches the game while wearing his Captain Serious jersey for Jonathan Toews. 

7. San Jose Sharks Fan Cave

Attribution: MrChangot – Imgur

This fan of the San Jose Sharks has sports memorabilia throughout his fan cave. Fellow hockey fans applauded him for his team dedication and nice setup. But others threw shade at the decor saying, “Looks like you’re missing a Stanley Cup,” referencing when the team lost the finals to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2016.

8. St. Louis Blues Fan Cave

Attribution: Minner Arena – Facebook

Missouri resident Dennis Minner was on a mission to recreate the Blues’ home playing arena in his basement. In a video tour of the fan cave, the owner explains the project is never finished, and he’s continuously adding new memorabilia. Even when St. Louis Blues players have visited the space, they’ve been impressed by its accuracy and Minner’s commitment to the team. 

9. “Hockey Night in Our Basement”

Attribution: Sheryl Bunting – YouTube

After the 2020 NHL season was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, two brothers ages eight and 11, along with mom and dad, created a DIY series they called Hockey Night in Our Basement. The family’s sportscasting relied on an at-home green screen. The first episode explains how the family will be playing two-on-two until they reach the finals, and the family cat makes a guest appearance during filming. The brothers also give off-ice commentary, and they have skits with locker room interviews.

10. Hockey-themed Fan Cave

Attribution: ar-15tie – Reddit

For fans who love the sport more than they love one team, this fan cave includes memorabilia from the Washington Capitals, Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Islanders, and more. The recliners set in orange and blue-striped walls make it the perfect place to watch the game.

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