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Permafrost is the layer of earth that stays frozen throughout the winter.


Permeance is the rate at which moisture can pass through a membrane. Lower numbers indicate better performance.

Pier and Beam Foundation

Explore the intricacies of pier and beam foundations, a popular choice for homeowners seeking stability, easy access to utilities, and protection from soil and water-related issues.


Also referred to as a pier and is connected to the home to provide support and possible lift.


Similar to grade, pitch is the angle or slope of the concrete to best direct water in the appropriate direction.


Pitting is a concrete defect that creates small, deep holes. The edges of the holes are rough and irregular. Human error is most likely the cause of pitting, either an inadequate mix, or improper use of accelerator, however, old age can also cause pitting.


Two liquid materials, when combined produce polyurethan foam.


A superior alternative for concrete lifting. PolyRenewal uses polyurethane foam instead of a cement slurry as in Mud jacking. The liquid is injected under the slab and a foam is created. As the foam expands, the void is filled and the concrete is lifted.

Porous Concrete

The walls of your basement are porous. There is a lot of water in the concrete mix and when the concrete is poured and it begins to cure, that water begins to evaporate. During this process, it leaves a trail of capillary pores in the concrete are larger than water molecules, meaning water vapor can pass through them.

Poured Foundation Walls

A foundation wall made of poured concrete. These walls have fewer joints and take less time to construct than cement block walls.

Pressure Grouting

Another term for ‘mud jacking.’ See mud jacking.