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Wall Braces

A device used to support a bowing wall by anchoring the inside wall to stable soil beyond the home.

Water Leaks

Water entering the home from anywhere.

Water Leaks

Water entering the home from anywhere.

Water Resistant

Water resistant means it resists some, but not all, water. Products or items that are water resistant will eventually get wet after an extended period of exposure or pressure.

Water Seepage

The process when water travels through a porous material like soil or cement.

Water Vapor

Water vapor is water in the form of a vapor or gas. Water vapor can be especially damaging in a basement or crawl space since it can be easily ignored by homeowners.


Waterproof is a material that is impervious to water, meaning it is sealed from the effects of water.

Weep Holes

Weep holes are drilled in the bottom row of the cinder blocks, near the footing, to relieve water trapped in the hollow cavities inside the cinder block.

What are Floor Joists?

Floor joists support the floor and tie the walls together, keeping your home stable. Learn how to keep these joists strong and healthy.

Wood Rot

Wood rot, or dry rot, is a fungi the digests the part of the wood that gives wood strength and stiffness. Although it can be confused with mold, wood rot can cause an infestation that threatens the structural integrity of your home.