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5 Easy Steps to Repair Your Home’s Foundation

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Homeownership comes with joys and responsibilities, but encountering foundation problems can be worrisome. A secure foundation is essential, and cracks and uneven floors may indicate underlying problems that compromise its stability. 

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have weathered the seasons, understanding foundation repair is crucial for safeguarding your home’s integrity.  

On this page, you will learn the five easy steps that Groundworks employs to repair home foundations. 

What Causes Foundation Damage? 

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Many factors contribute to foundation damage, including water leaks and flooding, expansive soil, tree roots, foundation defects, and insufficient drainage. Indications of damage include cracks, uneven floors, or bowed walls, signaling underlying issues. While store-bought repair kits may be considered for cracks and other damage, DIY solutions pose safety risks and are not recommended. Contact a professional for an inspection and a holistic, long-term solution for foundation repair. 

How to Repair Your Home’s Foundation 

Addressing foundation issues demands professional expertise due to the variability in foundation types, damage severity, and materials. DIY repairs are discouraged due to potential risks and the likelihood of temporary fixes. For lasting and comprehensive solutions, contacting a licensed foundation expert is recommended. 

Groundworks employs various professional foundation repair techniques to address house foundation issues. 

1. Foundation Piering Systems 

We employ various underpinning and foundation piering systems, such as helical, push, and slab piers, each playing a crucial role in stabilizing foundations by addressing specific issues. These support and reinforce the foundation, fortifying the underlying soil by extending the foundation and ensuring even load distribution. 

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2. Basement Wall Repair 

Our solutions relieve pressure on basement walls when necessary and include reinforcements like wall anchors, carbon fiber reinforcement, and SettleStop IntelliBrace™ steel beams. The method is selected based on your foundation’s unique needs, damage extent, and size. 

3. Crawl Space Supports 

The SettleStop IntelliJack™ crawl space support maintains your home’s foundation, providing reliable support to the crawl space by strengthening weakened, smaller-sized beams and reinstating stability to sagging floor joists in the crawl space. 

4. Foam Injection 

PolyRenewal™ is an eco-friendly polyurethane foam injection system that lifts concrete foundations. This method addresses uneven or sunken concrete surfaces and provides a durable and lasting solution to foundation damage. 

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5. Foundation Crack Repair 

Foundation slab crack repair involves identifying and resolving the root cause of the cracks. Professional inspection and targeted intervention address foundation cracks properly, ensuring a comprehensive and effective repair that enhances the structural soundness of your home. 

How to Prevent Foundation Damage 

Preventing damage is crucial for maintaining a secure foundation. Consider the following to ensure the stability of your home:  

  • Proper Drainage: Implement appropriate grading, gutters, and downspouts to redirect water away from the foundation. 
  • Soil Maintenance: Manage moisture levels in the soil surrounding the foundation. 
  • Routine Inspections: Conduct periodic inspections by a professional to identify potential issues before they escalate. 

Contact Groundworks for a Free Foundation Inspection Today! 

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Navigating foundation repair can be complex, requiring careful thought and expertise. At Groundworks, we understand the importance of your home’s stability because, like you, we are homeowners, too. Our long-lasting solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your home. Discover how our specialized foundation repair techniques safeguard your home long-term. Contact us today for a free inspection and no-obligation repair estimate.  


Major foundation repairs should be entrusted to professionals, given their experience, equipment, and knowledge of safety protocols. Unless it’s a minor issue, relying on experts ensures the job is done effectively. While cost may be a consideration, hiring a foundation professional is a wise investment that can save money in the long run. 

If you observe any cracks in your home, contact a foundation repair expert for an inspection. Foundation issues worsen over time, so the sooner you address them, the less expensive the repairs will be.

Not all foundation problems are an immediate concern. Usually, they don’t pose an immediate risk, but they can become problematic over time. As foundation issues worsen, the associated risks increase. If you’ve been dealing with foundation problems for a while, your home might be unsafe. Contact a professional for expert advice.

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