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AquaStop YardWell™ Exterior Discharge Line Outlet

No homeowner wants to have to clean up a flooded basement. Find out how the YardWell™ exterior discharge line outlet can help keep your basement dry.

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AquaStop YardWell™: The Exterior Discharge Line Outlet Solution

Think about the gutters on your home. When it rains, where do these gutters drain? If they discharge water close to your home’s perimeter, the excess water and pooling can have an adverse effect on your crawl space or basement.

AquaStop YardWell™ diverts gutter or sump pump water away from your home, where it can neatly drain in your yard.

AquaStop YardWell is an extension that connects to your buried downspout extensions or sump pump discharge lines. Buried shallowly beneath the soil in your yard, the drainage line redirects water to a safer drainage spot, where it can discharge through the discreet outlet grate.

Why AquaStop YardWell™ Is the Solution

If you are tired of having to constantly clear out your flooded basement, do not fret. The AquaStop YardWell™ exterior discharge line outlet is a simple waterproofing solution that will prevent future floods. How does the AquaStop YardWell™ exterior discharge line outlet work to keep your basement dry? 

  • Gutter Downspout Extensions 
Exterior drainage being installed

You might already have a gutter downspout outside your home that is meant to drain water away. However, these gutters only have a limited capacity. This can be dangerous in a severe storm when more rainwater is likely to collect within. You might often find these gutters overflowing or leaking water into your basement. 

All that water will not only damage your basement’s walls and floor but your foundation as well. This is why installing downspout extensions on your gutters is so important. 

Getting a handy downspout extension will reroute any water that will try to flood your basement. These extensions ensure that your gutters can properly expel water, even in the heaviest rainfall. The AquaStop YardWell™ exterior discharge line outlet can flush away leaves and debris alongside the water. You can rest easy knowing that the drainage channel does not clog easily, either. 

  • Buried Pipes 

Despite being an exterior outlet, the AquaStop YardWell™ system will not be installed above the surface. Rather, the pipe leading away from the downspout is typically installed beneath the ground. 

One of the main issues other downspouts have is the fact that they are poorly pitched. The AquaStop YardWell™ outlet is designed to sit parallel to the ground so the water flows out smoothly and efficiently.  

  • Easy Pop-Off Lid 

The extension pipe that expels water out onto your yard also has a lid that can come off for easy cleaning. This lid is meant to keep water from flowing back into the outlet, thereby minimizing maintenance for your home. 

  • Tailor-Made for Your Home 

One of the best features of the AquaStop YardWell™ system is how flexible its design is. Waterproofing professionals can easily adjust the pipes and outlet’s installation to fit your home’s unique needs. This means that you will never pay for more than you need or be saddled with an unwieldy system that is too much for your home. 

  • Durable Design 

The only aspect of this system that is ever visible is the outlet itself. AquaStop Yardwell™ can endure even the heaviest hits and nicks, so you do not have to worry about it breaking in case your lawnmower hits it. This means that you can go about your day as normal, safe in the knowledge that the AquaStop YardWell™ system is protecting your home!

Will AquaStop YardWell™ Get in the Way of Lawn Mowing? 

Of course, with the AquaStop YardWell™ system being an exterior outlet, some homeowners may worry that it might stick out on their lawn or ruin any aesthetic landscaping shaping your yard. This system is one of the most discreet solutions. You can rest easy knowing that the AquaStop YardWell™ exterior discharge outlet will not protrude out into your yard.  

  • Hidden Pipe System 

The pipes that make up this drainage system are typically unobtrusive to any structures within or around your home. You may not even notice the end of it poking out on your lawn unless you look for it. This way, you can reap the benefits of a thoroughly watered lawn without the overall aesthetic of your yard diminishing. Keep in mind that this system works best with downspout extensions that are over eight inches long. It will also blend in far better within a more heavily landscaped area than one that is plainer. 

This system is guaranteed to pose very few (or no) issues. Other drainage systems tend to clog quite easily. Debris and soil will mix into the collected water to create a thick mud that will cause these pipes to back up. Leaks may begin to spring up along that faulty system and recreate the very problem you were hoping to avoid in the first place. The AquaStop YardWell™ system is the clog-free solution you need to prevent this from happening.  

  • Discreet Design 

The AquaStop YardWell™ exterior discharge line outlet is built to be discreet. It will empty water away from your home and out onto your yard solely through that outlet. This system can be installed as an underground extension to the downspouts you already own. Its green color will blend the extension well into your lawn. Its durable design also allows it to take all sorts of hits without failing. This means even if you accidentally run your lawnmower over it, the AquaStop YardWell™ exterior discharge line outlet will still work just fine. 

Installation of this system comprises knowing the ins and outs of the intricate pipes. This can be confusing for homeowners to navigate, which is why you should hire an expert to install the system for you. An expert can properly assess your home’s setup, align the pipes, and unobtrusively install this complex drainage system. They will also be able to install it in less than an hour!

What Causes Basements to Flood?

There has to be something that causes your basement to leak, crack or shift, after all. What are some of the most common causes of basement flooding? 

  • Improper Gutter Installation 

You may already have some form of drainage system installed. However, it can be frustrating to know these drains are there but they do not appear to be working.

Your gutters may not have been installed properly. The pipes leading outside could be misaligned or they may not be installed at the right angle to ferry water from your home. This, in turn, leads to leaks and flooding during storms. 

  • Hydrostatic Pressure 

A concrete foundation often rests over compact soil that is likely to shift or wash away in heavy rainfall. The combination of soil and water will put some added pressure onto the concrete and cause it to crack or even move from its original position. This is known as hydrostatic pressure. 

Heavy storms might either combine with or completely wash away the soil surrounding your foundation. This unexpected weight can crack or move your foundation entirely. Concrete can also trap moisture within its pores, which can become a problem in winter when it freezes. Ice can expand within the pores and cause enough pressure from within for the foundation to split apart. 

  • Settling Foundation 

Over time, your foundation might see a lot of wear or water damage. Water might collect in your soil during the wetter months and then either wash away or evaporate later. Once these pockets of water disappear, your foundation will begin to settle. This settling can cause your foundation to shift from where it was originally laid and become uneven. It may also crack under the loss of weight holding it up. 

Whatever causes water to get into your home, you must drain it effectively and ensure that your home stays safe and dry!

Get the Best Exterior Drainage System with Help from Your Local Experts

Wet basements are something homeowners do not want to have to endure. The water damage constant flooding can pose can be annoying at best and catastrophic at worst. This is why the AquaStop YardWell™ exterior discharge line outlet is the perfect prevention solution. It helps continue to direct water away from your home that would otherwise leak inside. Think the AquaStop YardWell™ might benefit your home? Contact a local basement waterproofing professional today for a free inspection and estimate!

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